Saturday, May 1, 2010

Baking from the book - Breakfast Roundup!!

When I announced this event, I thought there will be many entries for this since it is common referring to a recipe when it comes to baking rather than regular cooking. If I say I wasn't disappointed, I would be lying. I know many people do not bake, but I was hoping to get lot of muffin entries if not anything else. Having said that, I do thank all the people who took time and made something for my first big event if I don't consider my weekly 'Bake-Off' as a big one since it is weekly. I have tried to group the recipes just the way I do for my weekly 'Bake-Off'. If I have left out anyone's entry, I apologize. Let me know and I'll fix it.

Flatbreads, pizza:
Spice of Spicebuds sends her 'Breakfast Pizza'. She has made this using her kitchen aid manual and recipe book.

And here is the picture of the pizza. Doesn't it make you hungry?
Thanks Spice for a wonderful entry.

Muffins, Quickbreads:
Priya of 'Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes' sends us 'Raspberry & Orange Muffins'. She made this using a recipe from the book 'Baking Common sense Guide' which she won in one of the events. Way to go Priya. Thanks for such a wonderful muffin recipe.
Jyoti of 'The Veggie Hut' sends 'Savory Semolina Cake' which is a quick bread. It is savory, it can be adapted to use veggies of your choice. She made this using a recipe in the book 'Indian Cooking Made Easy'. Nice work Jyoti and thank you for the lovely entry.
Suma of 'VeggiePlatter' sends us 'Cardamom flavored eggless chocolate chip muffins'. She made these using a recipe from the book 'The Vegetarian Family Cooking'. Thanks so much Suma.
Vanessa of 'Sweet Artichoke' sends us 'Buttermilk and Spice Muffins'. She made these beautiful muffins using a recipe from the book 'The Cupcake Book' written by Susanna Tee. Thanks Vanessa.
I made 'Sourdough Banana Loaf with almond butter' which is practically fat free. It has nut fat though. I made these using a recipe from the book 'All time favorite Bread Recipes' by Better Home and Gardens.

Yeast Breads, Buns:
Priya of 'Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes' sends us another entry which is 'Scottish Baps'. She made it using the same book as she used for 'Raspberry and Orange Muffins' above. Thanks Priya for continued support.
I made 'Eggless Pumpkin Brioche' using a recipe that I adapted from the book 'Maida Heatter's Best Book of Desserts Ever'.
I made 'Cranberry Pull Apart Buns' using the book 'Whole Grain Baking' by King Arthur Flour.

Jyoti of 'The Veggie Hut' sends us 'Blueberry Scones'. She made these delicious scones from a book called 'The Ultimate Low fat Baking Book'.
Jyoti of 'The Veggie Hut' sends yet another entry from the same book using the same recipe which she adapted to create the 'Blueberry Scones' above. These scones are 'Raisin Scones'. Thank you so much Jyoti for the lovely entries.

I made 'Maple Granola' using the book 'Whole Grain Baking' by King Arthur Flour.

There I was sitting happy about my roundup. Then I was looking at one entry that I never got but has been posted for my event and sitting pretty on the blog '365 days of Eating' by Cookingfoodie. I even checked my spam. Nope no entry. I had to ask her to send one more time and here is the awesome 'Persian Vegetable Omlette'. She has made it from the book ' Omlettes, Souffles and Frittatas'. Check it out it looks absolutely stunning.
Cookingfoodie, I apologize for missing your entry.

Thank you everyone. I really appreciate your efforts. Stay tuned for the month of May 'Baking from the Book' topic. Pin It


  1. Great round up Champa. Lot of effort needed for all these roundups !!! good job !!!

  2. Yummy dishes for our breakfast table! Will send my entry for the cookies..

  3. Champa - I sent my entry to you again... let me know if u dont get it...


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