Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baking from a Book - Cookies!!

I was kind of disappointed at the number of entries I got for 'Baking from a Book - Breakfast' whose roundup can be found here. Then I thought it was not popular because of the general breakfast. So, this time I want to give everyone a chance to do something that is very specific. Who can resist Cookies? It can be drop cookies, rolled cookies, refrigerator cookies, bar cookies. I hope you all will have fun making something for this. Here are the rules. This runs the month of May 2010.
Rules go like this:

  1. Bake any kind of Cookies in the month of May 2010 from a book. It has to be vegetarian and you can use eggs. The picture should include the front cover of the book you used and your dish. If you cannot combine them into one picture, it is alright. Send me two pictures one of the book and one of your finished product. It can fall under any of these categories - drop cookies, rolled cookies, refrigerator cookies, bar cookies and even brownies. You can make Indian cookies like Nan Katai, benne biscuit, khara biscuit etc too. Only rule is it has to be a recipe from a book.
  2. Link back to this announcement. 
  3. You don't have to buy the book. You can borrow from a friend, library. But specify the details of the book and what recipe you used. Make a note of your modifications if any.
  4. Send me an email at with the subject 'Baking from a Book' with a picture, your name, your blog name and the recipe URL.
  5. Non Bloggers can send in their entries too. I am sure there are lots of you out there who enjoy cooking, baking as much as we bloggers do but just don't make it public.
  6. I do not want old posts. This is to encourage people to look at books. It has to be from this month and the deadline is May 31st Midnight EST. 
Roundup will be in the first week of June. I will let you know what is the topic and who is hosting the 'Baking from a Book' event for the month of June.

Those who sent me entries for 'Baking from a book - breakfast', I am counting on you all to send me more for this. Those who missed it, it is time to try something from a book. Looking forward to a fabulous collection of cookies..

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  1. I will send in my entry this time for sure.

  2. I will get my cookie books out and get cooking and baking.Will send entry soon.

  3. I will try...I have never baked anything but will definitely try :) Happy hosting this event and definitely a wonderful event for baking newbies like me :)

  4. Thats a beautiful choice again..will send my entries..

  5. Will def. try to send u some entry....sorry for not sending u my other entry for breakfast event(pav bhaji)......couldn't find pav's's still half written in draft...

  6. count me in with some entries..i hv never tried much of cookies.. now thbere is a reason to try.. cheers

  7. ohh this ones gonna be difficult... i can never let my cookie dough last enough to be cooked... its usually just eaten raw :)

  8. yipee, just sent my cookies... I am not sure, if I have already told you how much I like this "bake from a book" concept! It is really a great opportunity to dig into cooking books and I am enjoying it a lot! Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

  9. First time here,you have lovely recipe collections...plz visit me when time permits,nice event plz count me in...


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