Friday, February 5, 2010

Vegan Almond Cookies - a Repost

They say the 'first' in every aspect of life has special meaning to it. It goes for your first recipe on a blog too. Even though my Vegan Almond Cookies is not the first post (it was third), it is very special to me. Reason being I came up with using almond butter instead of butter to create this recipe, not along with butter. I have seen various recipes for nut butter cookies (mainly peanut butter) which has butter and peanut butter in the recipe. I had only one comment for this and I do believe this recipe is worth some attention. I agree that the picture was horrible since I didn't even know how to present the food (not that I know now). When Jaya Wagle of Desi Soccer Mom came up with this repost event, I thought why not take part in it. I made the cookies just as described in my original post, except for using home made almond butter. And to make them look pretty, I placed a toasted almond in the middle and baked. Here goes some of the pictures I took now..


Another one..
And a final one..
And here is how it looked when I first posted..

I am sending this as an entry to Repost Event hosted by Jaya Wagle of Desi Soccer Mom. Pin It


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  2. New pics look so tempting. Nice entry for the repost event Champa.


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