Saturday, December 22, 2012

Best of Year 2012

It is the last few days of the year 2012. People make new year resolutions, some look back and be proud of what they have achieved. Some plan for the next year. I won't do any of these. I might not understand rocket science, but I have understood one thing in my life. We have absolutely no control over anything except for some mundane things we do. It doesn't mean one should do something bad and say it was not under my control. I meant do your best to your knowledge and leave it at that. With that note, this post is for my blogger friend Srivalli's event - Best of 2012. She has been conducting this event every year for the past few years and this is the first time I am taking part in it. Many bloggers choose to write about a lot of things and I choose to highlight the most popular post of mine every month of the year.

Easiest recipe appeals the most to many people. This Quick and Easy Salsa is the best example for that.  Its simplicity and the help from foodgawker and tasteologie made it very popular.
Simple Black bean and corn salad with an equally elaborate Vegetable Pulav were the favorites from the February posts.

A healthy Cabbage Rice had a tie with Vegan Coconut Cake this month. Both had a lot of help becoming popular through food picture sites.

Without any doubt, this Herbed Spicy Garlic Pull apart bread is one of the popular posts ever on this blog.
But I would like to share this beautiful Anise Bread/Braid also in the list.

Whoever pinned this Tomato, Garlic and Mint Chutney gets all the credit for its popularity. Thank you.
This Eggless Vanilla Bundt cake stole the show this month.

This simple Zucchini Chocolate Bread made its place on the top this month thanks to foodgawker.
I didn't blog much this month, but my favorite among my posts is this Anise Biscotti.
With only two posts written, it is very easy to choose the popular post of the month - Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread.
This Easy Low fat Pumpkin Loaf cake made it to the top this month. Again, very few posts this month.
This Yeasted Chocolate Bread with cranberries and white chocolate chips was the most pinned, liked post of the month.
This month is still not over and so far this Honey Rolls/Buns have been well received.

Have a safe and happy holidays everyone.

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  1. Wow!!!! Nice collection of recipes on 2012

  2. Gosh, it almost looks like you had a year long baking more of a marathon...can't really decide which one I like best, everything looks so fabulous Champa...thank you for doing a round up of your year's best...

  3. Delicious Champa!! My Personal Favorite Anise Braided bread!!! Love that beautiful Shine on top!!!

  4. Omg, wat a beautiful collections of bakes. Everything looks fantastic.

  5. beautiful set of bakes :)

  6. Oh my beautiful photography and fantastic array of spread, all of them look so divine and inviting..

  7. a year of baked treats! I'd like to try them all right now...


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