Friday, December 3, 2010


Thanks to everyone for participating.
If you want to know how to participate, read this
Next Bake-Off will be on '12/10/2010'. Bake-Off archive can be found here.
In the order of reception, we have:
Eggless Black Forest Cake from 'Spicebuds' 
No Yeast Yogurt Bread from 'Sujana's World'
Cranberry Coffee Cake from 'Sujana's World'
Shortbread Cookies from 'Sum's Cuisine'
sugar cookies from 'Asankhana'
Peanut Butter Blondies from 'Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen' 
Eggless Coffee Walnut Cookies from 'Cakes and More' 
Potato Pinwheels from 'Taste of Pearl City'
Orange Pound Cake from 'Sin-A-Mon'
Eggless Black Forest Cake from 'The Veggie hut' 

Happy Baking

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  1. Hi Champa!

    Just posted a cake recipe.. Can u include it here?

    I will update the post..

  2. Thanks for the nice round up, Champa!
    Well, let me tell you, i do visit you blog almost everyday, as soon as there is a new post here... but then i have restrictions posting comments from work place, so i need to wait for when i can connect from home peacefully and leave back comments... Love all your posts....


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