Friday, December 3, 2010

My Guest Post on Cakes and More

Not many people can understand or relate to what I or any other blogger does. My own sister's comments when I told her about this blog is "You don't have anything better to do?". With that kind of remark and with people around me wondering what is wrong with this woman, it is really hard sometimes to keep up the spirit and go on.
This blog is still here mainly because of  many of the readers' comments and the emails. Some of these virtual (they are real alright, I just haven't met them in person) people have become friends. One such friend is Suma. She writes a food blog from Bangalore - Cakes and More.
If people are amazed at my enthusiasm and passion for baking, it is nothing compared to hers and lot others who bake from India. You have to consider power failures, lack of availability of many baking ingredients and lack of the nice full sized oven that we all have by default here in U.S.
When she asked if I could write some 'bread' (she has recently fallen in love with yeast), I was more than happy to do so. But, I had to make sure that I don't use some fancy ingredients or a pan that is not available everywhere. I made some brioche buns and filled it with chocolate chunks and baked them in a muffin pan. Hop over to her post to read the entire recipe. I do have some pictures for you to tempt to go over there though (Assuming they are).
Thanks Suma, I really enjoyed it.
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  1. Am really touched by your words for me Champa! Its indeed been great knowing you and learning from you, my bread teacher. It always so good to interact with others who share the same passion and can relate to it too!

    Thanks so much for that wonderful post!!

  2. So true..I too have faced many people who dont know about blogging and for them it is just waste of time that we are doing..

  3. Champa, saw your post on suma's yesterday loved the buns, that's so nice of U to come up with the recipe which can be easily made in Indian kitchen too....congrats for your guest post...happy weekend...

  4. Ur feelings r so true..Not everyone understands this passion!! A great post at Sumas'..keep up the good work!

  5. Loved reading yr Guest post on Suma's Blog yesterday.. U are an inspiration dear!

  6. I can relate to what you are saying, most people I tell about my blog ask does it generate any income??When I say No they say what awaste of time.If only people knew the wealth of having a blog, it puts you in touch with like minded people who have similar interests.Through my blog I have made friends all over the world, not mentioning the wonderful types of cuisines I have learn't from them. It is my space where I can learn, share , enjoy and also have keep sake diary for my family and friends to refer too when they cook.How can all this be a waste of time.
    All you foodies are all doing agreat job, dont let comments like that put you off and marr your spirit.Champa you have asuper blog and your posts are worth every minute spent on them.

  7. lovely post on sumas dear...u r inspiration for new bakers...u r doing a great job..many people dont understand how we bloggers put ourselfs to bring up our blog, and think tht cooking is just waste of time and energy,nothing great abt tht,its nt a profession...but they dont understand its an ART...i was feeling down and thought yes i wil drop writing my blog but then i was missing it so much,making virtual frnds was fun,answering to there queriers thro mail was a darling continue ur creative work...people want to c more of champa and her passions...keep it up ...

  8. Great guest post champa..I wanted to try Brioche for a long time anf finally tried it out from a book specially for the AWED event. It came out great, But you are right about the fat content. Wish I had seen your modified low fat version.Will try ity out next time.

  9. The buns look great as always, Champa! True that people wonder why the hell i write about food! But i do enjoy it, though i am of lat quite irrugular at it...


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