Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Black & White Wednesday - Coconut

This picture is my entry to Susan's Black & White Wednesday - Culinary photos.
Fresh Coconut
Using coconut many ways in many dishes comes naturally for a South Indian. I can say that my mother couldn't really cook without coconut in her kitchen. I don't use as much as she does, but there are certain dishes in which, I am very fond of using them. 

Some people consider coconut as dessert ingredient. You may change your mind if you look at these..
And my adaptation of coconut in yeast breads like No knead coconut, lime and chillies flatbread, Coconut Chocolate Rolls/Buns shows that coconut is quite versatile maybe not as much as rice, but still.

Happy Wednesday everyone.
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  1. The coconut shells and woods have such great textures to capture. Good choice, Champa. Thanks for your BWW photo.

  2. i love coconut water especially. coconut yeast bread sounds delicious :D!!!

    ps - i love the black and white photo!

  3. Nice click.. and choosing coconut for B&W pic is a nice choice.

  4. Black and white coconut looks so nice. Excellent snap.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. awesome click dear....very natural!

  6. I am so loving this series and would love to try my hands on some food related b& W pictures :)


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