Sunday, February 6, 2011

Announcing Bread Baking Day #37 - Bread made with Sponge / Pre-ferment

I will be hosting Bread Baking Day #37 for the month of Febraury. I was excited when Zorra of Kochtopf said I could host it this month. Thanks Zorra for a wonderful opportunity. Deadline for this event is 1st of March 2011. Roundup will be posted before 5th of March 2011. Do check out the BBD#36 roundup which was hosted by Heather at Girlichef.
Now to the theme of this BBD - Bread made with Sponge/Pre-ferment. Bake anything using a pre-ferment and post on your blog by 1st of March 2011. Link this announcement in your post. Use of logo is optional.

How to participate in BBD#37:
Event theme is not limited to just breads. If you make cake, quick bread, scones, pancakes, waffles or any other dish using a pre-ferment, they qualify. Some of other types/names of pre-ferment are biga, sourdough, levain, sponge.
Dish has to be vegetarian. Eggs are allowed. Since this is vegetarian blog, please do not send any dish with any kind of meat in it.
You can send as many entries as you wish.
They have to be from current month.
Non-bloggers can send the entries too.
Your post can be in any language but should have an english translation in the post.

Details to be sent:
Email me at with a subject line 'BBD#37'
Your Name
Your Location (Country)
Your Blog Name
Name of the dish
URL of the post (permalink of your post)
A picture of the dish resized to 200 X 200 

I am looking forward to all the delicious entries you are all going to send me. Remember the deadline - 1st March 2011. Any other questions about this event, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Happy Baking everyone.
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  1. Oh! I love to participate, and I love preferment, I could try out somethings I want to try out, I will definitely will give it a go..
    please check out my blog for a new event hope you would like

  2. Will send my entry soon..Happy hosting..

  3. Omg...I have been trying to make sourdough for years, I dont know how may different recipes I have used, but Ill see what I can do this month.
    Does anyone have a really really good recipe for a starter, I have tried so many already... :(

  4. Thanks everyone.

    I have been working with king arthur flour recipe. And it seems to work just fine. I keep the starter in the refrigerator and feed it every week but if I kept it at room temperature, it would be even better. Recipe is on their website.

  5. being a starter in baking, really donno wat sourdough means... pizzas come in this category??

  6. Hasna,
    Pizza does not come under the category of sourdough unless you use sourdough starter to make pizza. I have put up couple of bread baking posts. Check it out and one of them is exclusively on sourdough. If you use a preferment or sponge wherein you mix water, flour and tiny bit of yeast and let it ferment overnight and then use that to make any baked good, it qualifies for the event.

  7. I love it!!! I'll send my entry shortly!!!

    Happy hosting!!

  8. Oh, great theme! I actually have a sourdough starter just beginning so it's perfect timing. =)

  9. Love the theme. Just send my second bread to you.
    Thank you for hosting.


  10. Just sent my entry to you. I ended up with a really delicious bread.

  11. when is the new event announcement due? I missed this one :(


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