Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another decorated cake - Mickey Mouse Club House

I got another opportunity to decorate another cake. It is kind of hard to keep up with this if you don't make any. I probably decorate about 5-8 cakes every year and this is one such cake that I made for my friend's son's birthday. When I asked her what the kid is interested she gave me two choices. Spongebob and Mickey Mouse. I actually could not decide what to do till the day before the party. The reason is my kids watch Dora, Diego, Wow Wow Wubzy, Max and Ruby etc. but not these two. In fact my kids almost are scared of spongebob squarepants.
I decided to make mickey mouse clubhouse cake on a whim and since I didn't plan well, this cake didn't turn out as well as I wanted it to. But the kid was happy. Do read the post completely to see when I point out the mistakes and how to rectify that.
I made a 10" square vanilla cake (recipe will be in another post someday when I make it again). Torted it to make two layers and filled with strawberry and raspberry preserves. Poured some caramel sauce on the top of the fruit layer. Iced with buttercream. Then I colored fondant (refer to my homemade vegan fondant or marshamallow fondant) yellow, black, red, blue and grey. I rolled the yellow fondant to make the wall around and cut and stuck to the sides. Made poles and stuck them at each corner to hide the joining of the yellow strips.
Made the gate in white and stuck them to the front of the cake. I would have preferred to make these couple of days in advance to let it dry so that they hold their shape better. Make these ahead of time about 2 -3 days ahead and let it dry. It will stand up better and hold its shape. Do this for the poles too.
I have made couple of cakes where I use rice crispy (homemade) to make the structure if I do not want to make more cake. I didn't have time for that either. I used styrofoam ball, cut into half and used it for mickey's house. Beware that styrofoam is not food safe and they shed like anything. Cover it very well with plastic wrap and cover with fondant. The neck is a bubble tea straw covered with black fondant. Head is another smaller styrofoam ball covered with saran wrap and covered with black fondant. I took wooden skewer and poked them through. I left about 2" of the wooden skewer in the bottom to stick it to the cake. I made ears out of black fondant and stuck with the aid of toothpicks.
The leg is wilton plastic dowel cut into the length and covered with black fondant. Feet is fondant shaped (I haven't done a great job as you can all see) and decorated with the details. Hand is fondant shaped into the hand supported with a bubble tea straw which is covered in black fondant. I made fingers out of white fondant and stuck them with the aid of toothpick.
Made the stones with grey fondant. Border is with grass tip and in between I have used leaf tip to make some leaves. I have used leaf tip in the corner to make some lengthy leaves. Trees are kid size ice cream cone covered completely by green frosting piped with leaf
Slide was made with blue fondant. As I said, all these fondant decorations should've been made early and let dry. One more issue that I had was with the icing. I accidentally poured a little more milk to the bowl and ended up with not so easy to work with frosting.

If anyone has any particular question about how this cake was made, feel free to leave a comment and I will answer to the best of my ability. This cake was inspired by many cakes that are there on the internet.

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  1. another creative n amazing cake from u son would love to hv this with his fav mickey???looks wonderful

  2. cake looks awesome...only word i can think of ... u r very creative .. keep rocking


  3. very lovely mickey cake dear...

  4. Looks Wonderful!!!! That was a great effort!!!!! ur friend's kid must have been very happy to c the cake!!!!

  5. cake looks too good,..thnks for the tips,..

  6. Cake looks a delight, no doubt your friends' son loved it.

  7. Absolutely stunning...hats off dear..u r really talented...wonderfully presented...

    Tasty Appetite

  8. Wow! Looks awesome! Would love to try it someday

  9. Champa,
    Thanks so much for all your time, efforts,.....

    The cake looked great and it was good, everyone liked it

    We all appreciate your creativity


  10. Very Creative and beautifully decorated cake..any kid will love this...event I can't take my eyes off this cake..and u r saying there are flaws, learned a lot from this post..keep going

  11. Am speechless, wat a wonderful looking cake..absolutely stunning...

  12. What a cake, how long did it take you to make it is gorgeous, I showed my grandkids the pictures and they both want granma to make, which I for sure am not skilled to do.

  13. you done a wonderful job...cake looks awesome and beautiful!!


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