Friday, January 1, 2010

Mexican Corn Bread

First of all I would like to wish all the readers a 'Happy and Prosperous New Year!!'. Long time back, I had picked up a cook book on a side walk sale when on a road trip. I cannot resist cook books and the man was selling it for 50 cents. Most of the general (not baking) american cook books are of no use to me since I am a vegetarian, but the title caught my attention and I thought even if I make one dish out of this book, it is worth paying 50 cents. Title of the book is 'Natural Foods Cookbook' by Jean Hewitt. I was browsing through the book and found a corn bread recipe. I made lot of variations making it egg less, low fat. Here it goes..

  1. Whole wheat flour - 1 cup
  2. Stone ground corn flour (medium ground) - 1 cup
  3. Baking powder - 4 tsp
  4. Salt - 1/2 tsp
  5. Red chilli powder - 1/2 tsp (I used extra hot, if using regular increase it to 1 tsp)
  6. Sour cream or yogurt - 3/4 cup 
  7. vegetable oil - 1/4 cup (Original recipe had 1/2 cup and 2 eggs. I made it 3/4 cup yogurt and 1/4 cup oil)
  8. honey - 1/4 cup
  9. milk - 1/2 cup
  10. Shallots - 4 chopped finely (You could use red onions about 1/2 cup chopped)

Preheat the oven to 425 F. I was using a glass dish and hence used 400 F. Grease an 8 inch square baking dish/pan with vegetable oil spray. Mix dry ingredients separately. Mix wet ingredients well till combined. Add the chopped shallots and dry ingredients and stir to combine. Batter will be very thick. Pour into the prepared pan and bake for 20 - 25 minutes or till a toothpick inserted in the center comes clean. Mine was done at 25 minutes at 400 F. If you bake it at 425 F, check it at 20 minutes. Cool on the wire rack and cut into pieces. They tasted hot and sweet. It is pretty good as a snack with a cup of tea or coffee. I am sending this to  Madhuram's 'Whole Grain Event - Corn'.

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  1. Looks delicious..Have a wonderful 2010!

  2. Lovely Cake..Wish you and your family a very happy new year too

  3. Beautiful cornbread..looks delicious!!

  4. looks delicious..

    Wishing you a very happy new year

  5. I too can't resist cookbooks. That's a great deal you got on the book. Champa, thank you very much for sending this to the event. Wish you a very Happy New Year.

  6. Hi Champa

    your cornbread looks yummy...nice space..

    please visit if you can

  7. Hi, i tried this recipe without red chili powder and shallots to make it sweet version.It turned out nice even without egg.Thanks.


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