Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dilly Masoor Dal

I feel Masoor dal is one of the ignored lentils at least in south Indian cuisine. If you look here, (you'll have to plug in the amount of dal. To compare make all dals 1 cup and see the results) you'll see that Masoor dal is one of rich in fibers and minerals and pretty low in calories compared so much hyped chana. I have no reservations against any lentils since these are the source of protein for vegetarian Indians. And, these lentils are so forgiving, you can mix match any herb, any spice and they just blend in with them and come out as a new flavor. Here goes my take on dill with masoor dal..

  1. Whole masoor - 1 cup
  2. Toor dal - 1/2 cup (You can skip this and increase the masoor and mash part of it)
  3. Dill - 1 bunch cleaned and chopped
  4. Oil - 2 TBSP
  5. Mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
  6. Cumin seeds - 1/2 tsp
  7. Garlic - 2 pods chopped finely
  8. Red onions - 2 big chopped finely
  9. Red chilli powder - 3/4 tsp or to taste
  10. Salt - to taste
  11. Lime juice of half a lime
  12. Turmeric - a big pinch
Wash masoor and toor dal together. Pressure cook in enough water with a drop of oil and a small pinch of turmeric till done. In a skillet, heat oil. When hot, add mustard seeds. When they splutter, add cumin seeds, garlic and onion and stir well. Add the remaining turmeric and some salt. Saute till onions are cooked. Add the chopped dill and stir well. Add chilli powder and the cooked masoor toor dal mixture and mix well. Simmer for 5 minutes and adjust the seasonings. Squeeze lime juice. Your dilly masoor dal is ready to be served with rice or rotis.

I would like to send this entry to Susan's 'My Legume Affair'  and to the hosted by EC.

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  1. Such a nutritious dal dish..looks prefect with rotis and rice..

  2. Dhals very healthy and filling.I love your reipe.

  3. Sounds new to me....Looks healthy and delicious.

  4. I love dal.... any kind any form....


  5. Nice dal recipe. First time here you have a nice blog.

  6. I love this dal and also dill leaves. Very flavorful perfect with rotis.

  7. Lovely combination..thanks for participating


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