Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sprouted Moong bean salad with apples (Vegan, fat free)

Even after running the kitchen all by myself for 15 years now, I still love to stand in front of gadgets of kitchen section in any store. Even though I love gadgets, I sometimes feel old methods work better and with no complications. Example is food processor. When I bought it, I was so excited to use it for chopping all the vegetables. But, I figured it out that it takes more time to clean the gadget after using that I prefer a good knife and a cutting board for chopping most of the veggies. Recently, one of my friend gave me a gadget meant for sprouting the different grains. I haven't opened it even to this day. I prefer the simpler and easier way of sprouting any of the grains. This salad is filling, healthy, refreshing and easy to make after you have sprouted the beans. This post is written for weekend cooking post that I write with Srivalli  and  Vaishali.
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Dry whole Moong beans - 3/4 cup
Apples - 2 cored and diced fine
Carrots - 2 medium peeled and grated with fine grater
Red onion - 1 medium chopped fine
Lime - 1 juiced (divided use)
Salt - to taste
Green chillies - 2 minced fine (Or use 1/2 tsp red chilli powder)
Chaat masala - 2 tsp (See Notes)
Cilantro - chopped 3 TBSP 

To sprout the moong beans:
Rinse the moong beans and soak in enough water overnight. In the morning, drain all the water and spread it on a shallow dish or a plate so that the moong beans are in single layer. It is to ensure that all the beans sprout at the same time and evenly. Cover with a lid (not a tight fitting lid)  and let it sit. You will see tiny sprouts in 6 hours and if you keep them longer, they grow. You can decide when you want to stop its growth and at that stage, you can refrigerate them. In winter, it takes longer to sprout them and if it takes more than a day, rinse with clean water and drain and cover and repeat. Or leaving it in the oven with the light on works very well too.

Making the salad:
To a bowl filled with water, add few drops of lime juice. To it, add the chopped apple pieces. Make sure all the apple pieces are immersed. Let it sit like that for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, take the sprouts, red onions, carrots in another bowl. Add salt, lime juice, chaat masala, green chillies and cilantro. Drain the apples and add it to the bowl. Mix everything gently and check for the salt and adjust if needed. Serve immediately or serve chilled.

If you cannot find chaat masala, you can use some garam masala. If you don't like that, you could just use some chilli powder along with cumin. That gives enough flavor to the salad without using oil.

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  1. That's a good one champa...never mixed moong with apple..

  2. whats the reason for immersing the apple in lemon water? Is it to prevent de-coloring


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