Monday, May 13, 2013

Frappuccino Mocha (Not the frothy kind)

I love Coffee. And I do like to drink the expensive Starbucks occasionally. Many years ago, I tried their bottled Frappuccino Mocha and fell in love with the taste. They are quite expensive though. Recently, I bought a whole case and when I saw that everyone at home was consuming it with great speed, I thought of making my own. Here is the result of that. This is not the same that you get in the cafe where they have churned the coffee with milk and ice to make it frothy. This is almost like coffee, just chilled and with lots and lots of milk, sugar and some chocolate.
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Freshly Brewed coffee - 1 cup (Mine is very strong. You might have to increase the milk if yours is stronger)
Milk - 4 cups (Start with 3 and add more depending on the strength of your coffee)
Sugar - 1/4 - 1/2 cup (I use 1/2 cup)
Chocolate Syrup - 1/4 cup

Mix all the ingredients together till all the sugar dissolves. Chill and stir very well before serving. Chocolate syrup settles down in the bottom and stirring/shaking is a must.

This post is written for weekend cooking post that I write with Srivalli  and  Vaishali,  
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  1. delicious flavours looks wonderful

  2. OMG ! Its tempting me badly...

  3. Sounds so good, I like the froth on the coffee...Never tried the starbucks coffee when I visited US, though I heard so much about it..

  4. hey starbucks is India too...but I dont drink coffee at all..though I love its aroma and dont mind spending time in those coffee shops:)Champa trying to get the aroma from that glass you have put in there.


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