Friday, July 13, 2012

Peach Berry Smoothie

I try to buy seasonal fruits whenever I go grocery shopping. But, I am the one who ends up eating most of those fruits. One kid of mine thinks the fruits are only banana, pear, apple, orange and grapes. The other one adds strawberries, melons to it but that's about it. Peaches, nectarines are not in the list for anyone at home except me. Even when I know this, I cannot resist buying juicy peaches or plump berries. So, to make others eat this fruit, I made this smoothie. Very delicious and refreshing to beat the heat.
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Peaches - 4 large ripe but not mushy, pitted.
Blue berries - 1 cup
Strawberries - 6 - 8 hulled
Ice cubes - 6 - 8
Sugar - 1/3 cup or per taste
Orange juice - 1 cup (optional, add more ice if omitting this or use water)

Take all the ingredients in a blender except the orange juice. Blend till smooth. Add the orange juice and blend for the final time. Serve cold.

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