Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Easy Cupcake decorating ideas

Today's post talks about easy cupcake decoration without using too many tools and without the need of high skills. Remember even for a small repair work, you still need at least a screw driver and sometimes a wrench. So, it does need couple of things but not a lot. Watch out for two more posts in a row about easy cake decoration tips.

What you will need..
Frosting of course. Refer to this post for various kinds of frostings.
Frosting consistency is medium same as used for borders and flower petals. Neither too thin, nor too thick.
Cupcakes - I had a bunch of kids to feed today, so I made them into mini cupcakes. Not ideal for showing decoration, but who needs bunch of kids with sugar rush around?
Piping bags - You can use any kind but I have done a light bag striping for one kind. You need parchment paper bag for that.
Tips - round tip, start tip, petal tip. You could just use a ziplock bag for round, and make zig zag out of the same for star, but you do need petal tip.
There are totally seven different kinds that I have done. I couldn't take better shots - had four kids staring at the table and waiting for me to say you can have the cupcake and fighting over who gets which one.
This is a simple blob of icing piped as a big round and tapering towards the top like a hill. This is something anyone can do.

This is made with round tip but in a swirl fashion. You start at the outer edge of the cupcake and make a circle, but don't join and keep going as a spiral overlapping the outer circle. Finish at the center.

Same as two, but made with a start tip.

Instead of one big spiral, small spirals or rosettes as called in cake decorating lingo are piped to cover the entire cupcake. It is like writing '@' using a star tip and icing.

Zig zag lines are drawn on the top of the cupcake with star tip.

You can add sprinkles, colored sugar, mini chocolate chip to make it more colorful. All the above cupcakes are good for doing that. You could also top the cupcakes one through three with citrus zest, small sliced fruit or nuts, toasted coconut etc.

This is piped with petal tip. Start making the petals by turning your hand while squeezing the icing on the outer edge. Make a full circle. Start the inner circle and concentric circles fill the entire cupcake. Make one at the center.

This is the cupcake that I have used bag striping technique. You paint one or two lines with gel color on the inner side of the bag and fill it with frosting. You get the tint only on the edge. I have used the same technique as the cupcake above - number six, but I have shaken my hand a little bit to get the zig zag effect of petals more.

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Have fun and don't forget to visit tomorrow to read about Royal Icing flowers.

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  1. Loved the petal icing with that cute border. You make it look so simple.

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  10. They looks so cute and beautiful Champa petal one is looking very beautiful will try that thank you so much for this post.

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    Thanks for sharing.

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  22. You make baking and icing and everything else sound like a cake walk... Had i been living somewhere near you, i would have definitely preferred you as my coach than taking any otherclasses...
    Your enthusiasm and way of explaining is just too good.


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