Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mixed Lentil Paniyaram / Aebleskiver

I have always had Aebleskiver or paniyaram (gundu pongal, paddu are different names for this dish) that is made either with left over dosa batter or the batter they would make using rice and black gram dal. Many years ago, I had this kind at a friend's place. Her mother had made it and it tasted so different than the traditional one that I was used to. From that day onwards, I have always made these kind only. My friend's mother added coconut scrapings and few green chillies to the batter but I have left them out in this.
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Par Boiled Rice - 2 cups (See Notes)
Urad dal / Black gram dal - 1/4 cup
Chana dal / Dehusked split black chick pea - 1/4 cup
Toor dal / Dehusked split pigeon pea - 1/4 cup
Moong dal / Dehusked split mung beans - 1/4 cup
Salt - to taste
Oil - to cook

Soak rice and all the dals together for 4 - 6 hours. Drain and wash the rice, lentil mixture couple of times. Grind them in a blender/mixie or a grinder adding enough water to help the process but don't make it too thin. End product should be like pancake batter. You will have to grind them to a fine coarse grind. Nothing will happen if you grind them smooth, but very coarsely is not good. Add some salt and mix well. Let it ferment covered at room temperature for 8 - 10 hours (preferably overnight).  When the batter is ready, mix it vigorously and check for salt. Add if needed and you might have to add some water to thin it down to the pancake batter consistency.

Heat the Aebleskiver pan or pancake puff pan. When hot, add few drops of oil to each compartment. Pour the batter just under the rim of the compartment. Cover and let it cook. When you see holes and the batter looks set on the top, gently turn them around using chop sticks or a fork. Cook on the other side till you get a nice golden brown color. Serve with any kind of chutney or sauce. My kids always eat these with ketchup.

Instead of parboiled rice, you could use regular rice. In that case, add a handful of soaked poha/avalakki/beaten rice to get a nicer color.

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  1. wow very nice and yummy...luv the cute decorative plate...

  2. Cute and crisp paniyaram..loved it

  3. Delicious. What is the side dish?

    1. That is a tomato, mint and garlic chutney. Recipe coming up today. Thanks for asking.

  4. this is something I love not only for its taste but also for their button like cute appearance. mostly make with leftover idli batter but this sounds awesome too.

  5. Wow thats a wonderful looking dish

  6. I love these and always remember Amma making it with fresh batter as well..

  7. Even we make these & tastes so good.

  8. paniyaram looks very very delicious

  9. I make mixed lentils adai..This recipe is very interesting.My boys would surely love this..!!

  10. My MIL also make it this way... She adds some chopped onion, coconut, chillies and coriander as well... Love it!


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