Monday, May 7, 2012

Cream cheese cocoa truffles

If you love chocolate, you will definitely love truffles.
If you love truffles, you will not like one thing about them. Their cost.
So, here is an alternative to those expensive truffles but very delicious at the same time.
This recipe doesn't have any fancy chocolate in it. Just cocoa powder, butter, cream cheese and sugar. Of course, you can coat it with candy coating to get the shell but I didn't. I kept them as they are - soft.

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Cream cheese - 8 Oz block softened (I used regular but you can use 1/3 fat one too)
Butter - 1/2 cup or 1 stick (8 TBSP) melted
Unsweetened cocoa - 1 1/4 cups
Confectioner's sugar - 4 cups (You could increase it up to 5 cups for a sweeter truffle)
Vanilla - 2 tsp
More confectioner's sugar to roll if desired
Mix the cocoa with melted butter and beat till well combined. Add cream cheese to it and beat well. It has to be really smooth with no lumps in it. Add confectioner's sugar cup by cup and continue to beat. Beat the vanilla in. Refrigerate for at least an hour or two for easier handling. Roll them into small balls and roll them in confectioner's sugar or more cocoa powder. Refrigerate till serving.

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  1. Hi Champa,
    This is my first post on your blog and am sure many more to come as I love ur recipes:)
    Being a chocoholic I recently made Almond Truffles for my family and friends and they all loved it :)
    I too share my recipes and running experience on my blog called
    Do visit and give me your feedback.

  2. I dont bother to grab and have some anytime,prefect truffles for chocoholic person like me.

  3. wow luv cream cheese and chocolate...yummy....luv it!

  4. hi, i have few questions to cream cheese avlble in india? if not can i make it at home? is the cocoa in recipe cocoa pdr? looking forward to your answer.

    1. Lakshmi,
      I don't know if cream cheese available in all parts. I know it is available in Bangalore, Chennai and big cities. You could try hung curd, but its shelf life will be very less compared to these. Cocoa is unsweetened cocoa powder. If you do try with other substitute for cream cheese, let me know how it turned out.

    2. thanks. just now i got a recipe for cream cheese,i will try it and let u know the result.

    3. Thanks for the feedback Lakshmi.

  5. thanks.i will try & let u know

  6. look amazing… I will have to try them right away

  7. hi, i made cream cheese by curdling milk with citric acid. i reduced the sugar quanity,& stuffed almond in the truffes.end result was good. my kids loved it.thanks .


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