Saturday, October 22, 2011

Spongebob Square Pant Cake

This post is not about a tutorial of how to make spongebob square pant cake. This post is about how to salvage when things don't go the way you have planned. I had offered to make a cake for my friend's son's birthday. Boy wanted a spongebob cake. I had planned to make different fondant elements in the beginning of the week so that it dries well. I did not know that I will be swamped at work the same week working about 12 - 14 hours a day on a new project. I still made the cake, everything went well, but not the way I had planned.
Firstly, it was an eggless cake. I have decorated many cakes, but none of them are eggless since most of them crumble when torted or carved. I could not use eggs this time. I chose this cake from allrecipes which uses condensed milk. I did make some changes taking the pointers from different reviewers but the cake came out dense and strong. I will probably stick to this recipe for all my eggless cakes that need to be decorated. I did not want to take the risk of torting and I used a homemade bake even strips. They rose without a hump in the middle and when I stacked them one on the other, it was fine without crumbling.
See the smudge mark? That happened just before taking pictures.
Then came the decorating part. I had plans of making rice crispy treat pineapple and then covering with fondant and decorating. I had again, no time. I went and got a styrofoam egg and covered that with fondant, painted. When it came to sticking the leaves, the fondant gum paste mixture leaves I had cut out the day before didn't dry. I had two options. Cut the leaves from real plant and stick it on the top or cut a foam sheet that was green in the shape. I chose the second option. But, the challenge was to make them stand up. I literally sewed them together and bundled them. Then I stuck them with a toothpick on the top of styrofoam pineapple.

To make my life easy, I used candy molds and made shells, star fish, turtle. All I had on hand were pink, white and chocolate candy melts. All in all, it was not a great job, but the kids loved it.
This cake is the best example for think outside the box. I kept a spongebob cake topper at the party, but I don't have the picture of that yet. I will update the post with that picture if I get it without any human being present in it.

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  1. Love the Cake Champa... Even I am a fan of Spongebob :-)
    Birthday Boy must be delighted!!

  2. the pineapple came out sooo good!...looks very nice!

  3. The cake is looking awesome Champa, lucky kid!..I don't know where you get the energy to do such complicated stuff..somebody will surely be glad!

  4. Cake looks good....I keep thinking about making some rice krispy shapes but never get around it...

  5. The cake looks delicious! I wonder if you have a cake with Patrick star on it?

  6. Irene,
    Plan was to make a rice crispy star for patrick. Didn't have time.


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