Monday, September 19, 2011

Vegan Pumpkin Bread

I have become lazy lately. My days always start at 4.30 AM and at 5 AM at the latest, even in winter. I am having hard time waking up early nowadays and I blame it on the cold mornings. And I always complained about my insomnia which, I have no clue where it is nowadays. Good in a way, but the blog is suffering, or at least I feel that way.
Coming to the point of this post, I have been making pumpkin bread for the past 6 years to be exact. I have tried many recipes and the one I have settled down is from Allrecipes with my healthy changes. I converted the same into a vegan one and here it is.

One year back -  Green Tomato Vermicelli
Pumpking - 1 cup (I used canned)
Whole Wheat flour - 1 cup
All purpose flour - 1/2 cup
Corn starch - 1/4 cup (or more all purpose flour)
Sugar - 1 cup
Baking Soda - 1 tsp
Salt - 3/4 tsp
Oil - 1/2 cup (I have used half applesauce before and it comes out fine)
Water - 1/3 cup
Flax meal - 2 TBSP
Warm water to mix with flax meal - 6 TBSP
Ground cinnamon - 1 tsp
Ground Ginger - 1 tsp
Ground Cloves - 1/2 tsp
Ground Nutmeg - 1/8 tsp
Ground All spice - 1/4 tsp
Ground Cardamom - 1/8 tsp

In a bowl, whisk together warm water and flax meal. Set aside for 5 minutes. Preheat the oven to 350 F. Grease a 9 X 5 loaf pan or 3 mini loaf pans. Set aside. In a bowl, whisk together all purpose flour, whole wheat flour, corn starch, salt, spices, baking soda. Set aside. To the bowl which has flax meal and warm water mixture, add sugar, oil and whisk till everything is incorporated. Add pumpkin puree to it and 1/3 cup of water. Whisk again. Slowly add dry ingredients and mix gently without over mixing. Stirring or folding is the way to go here. Divide between 3 mini loaf pans or put it in a single large loaf pan. Bake for 60 - 70 minutes in case of  a 9 X 5 pan and 35 - 38 minutes in case of mini loaf pans (do a toothpick test). Cool on the wire rack in the pan for 15 minutes. Turn it on to the wire rack to cool completely. Slice when completely cool.

Adjust the spice powders to your taste. I love spices and for me it is very flavorful. Some might feel it is strong. Just a heads up.

Linking it up to Kid's delight - Vegan and egg less bakes hosted by Priya, started by Srivalli

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  1. Lovely looking pumpkin bread......very healthy.

  2. Yummy bread. Looks so good.


  3. Don't be too hard on yourself, I haven't noticed any slacking. Thanks for the wonderful recipe, I'll give it a shot this week!


  4. Bread made from pumpkin? I gotta try this. Can't wait to bake my own pumpkin bread!

  5. perfect looking bread champa ! loved it and am gonna try this soon !

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  6. Lovely looking pumpkin bread......very healthy.

  7. whoohoo for vegan pumpkin bread!! this is one of my fav quick breads ever :D

  8. Hey!
    Just wanted to let you know that over at createlive, we're just finishing up a pumpkin recipe series called "The 12 Days of Pumpkins." For the next few days, we'll be hosting a link-up, featuring any recipes involving pumpkin, and will be choosing a good number of these recipes to have their own page (which can include your blog name and URL!) in a pumpkin cookbook! Just thought you might be interested in the additional press or being included in a cookbook - and this is a really great recipe! Find the link up here!
    Have a great one :)



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