Friday, September 9, 2011

Saga of packing kid's lunch to school

If you have a child who started going to full day school, you know exactly what I mean by the title of this post. And if you are following a vegetarian/vegan diet, it is harder. Top that with being an Indian who eats Indian food every day. You have a challenge every day.

I know of many people who tried sending Sambar and rice or dishes that are totally Indian to school. It works in areas where there is a huge Indian/Oriental population. It doesn't work in a place where there are only few Indian origin kids. Other kids have made fun of them to such an extent that they would bring back the lunch untouched (read 'Peer Pressure' here). I didn't want that to happen to my kid. I have no problems giving her money to buy lunch once in a while but all they have is cheese pizza as a vegetarian menu and that is only on Fridays.

My daughter who started first grade this year is a picky eater to begin with. Give her nutella sandwich everyday, she will be happy to eat. Here is what I have been making for her lunch everyday. They are not anything special to post the recipe, but she has been eating what I pack her, so I guess it is working. I didn't want to go overboard and make a different thing just for her for the fear of getting tired of it and stopping some day.

Day 1 - I made whole wheat bread and sent her nutella sandwich.
Day 2 - Fried rice without adding too many seasonings that make it look very much Indian.
Day 3 - Chapathis/roti stuffed with Cabbage stir fry and rolled as a wrap.
Day 4 - Pasta with Marinara sauce (Recipe coming soon).
Day 5 - Chapathis/Roti converted into cheese Quesadillas.

I add a fruit every day along with lunch so that it keeps her full till she gets home. I am on the lookout for more ideas. Do you want to share what you send your kids?

Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. Well planned menu, hope she will enjoy all ur packed food,definitely will work out marvellous..

  2. Even i have to plan the menu just like you
    nice one... :))

  3. I agree. In my area, we have a lot of Indian kids but I stay away from food which is too inidan (read spicy and fragrant food).

  4. Yes Champa, it requires good planning. In my kids school, lot of indians are there. I also give them chappathi rolls (tofu/paneer burji, veggies), alu/yam parata with tomato spread and cut like pizza, lemon noodles with grated carrot, whole wheat veggie cheese pizza, sometimes kuzhi paniyaram in tomato sauce, rice and pasta. Have fun! I also keep thinking of ideas.

  5. These is excellent Champa. I will send the same to my kid when she is bored of school meal. Not that I have peer pressure its that she is very picky. Thanks
    Do check out my event and send me your entries.

  6. hi your posts..
    I am a mom of a first grader and here some tricks i use to add some veggies into her lunch..
    i steam 4-5 veggies like spinach, carrot, bellpepper, beans etc..
    puree it and add it to chapati flour mix it with yogurt and jeera and salt and make parata..i also add the same puree to pasta sauce and send pasta for lunch..
    hope you find these intersting!


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