Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Black & White Wednesday - South Indian Buttermilk

This picture is my entry to Susan's Black & White Wednesday - Culinary photos.
South Indian Buttermilk
There is not much to write about the recipe. This is a great summer cooler made by churning the home made yogurt with lot of water to thin it down. Add salt to taste, some finely grated ginger and chopped cilantro or mint. If using mint, use less. Garlic lovers can mince a pod of garlic and add it too.

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  1. awesome click dear...yumm buttermilk

  2. Champa, this is lovely. From what I have read, Indian buttermilk is very different fr/ the American.

    That is a very cool and unusual tool there. I'm guessing it is for muddling the buttermilk with water to thin it?

    Thanks so much for joining in Black and White Wednesday.

  3. How nice champa, thanks to you I now know abt Susan's event..:)..looks great..nothing can beat chaas

  4. That is a beautiful shot! I love Lassi!

  5. Thanks everyone.
    You cannot beat the taste of home made yogurt any time. I have the culture from India which is probably 50 years old. Makes very good yogurt. Yes, that tool is for churning the buttermilk. In olden days, it used to be made in wood. Now, they have got this one and the one in the picture has spring action in it. Instead of rolling the tool between the palms of the hand, this one is works like a potato masher. Up and down action. Thanks for hosting this. It was fun.

  6. Beautiful click..refreshing and delicious drink

  7. Lovely click and refreshing drink..

  8. awesome click and refreshing drink...

  9. yummy drink and an awesome picture.


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