Tuesday, April 5, 2011

More about counting calories..

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional or a dietitian or a nutritionist. All the contents in this post are my understanding from reading books and online material. There could be some points that were suggested to me by medical professionals. Do not use this as medical advice.  
When I wrote the first part of this, which, you can check here, I did plan to give information on almost all the ingredients. But, the list was exhaustive and I did not want to overwhelm all of you. (Come to think of it, it took me a while to make these tables..)

Since beans are good in so many ways, let's us see how many calories are in some commonly used beans.
Some time back, I had written a post about protein contents in many legumes and lentils that are mainly used in Indian cooking. Here it is once again, (click on the picture to see the large version. This is the biggest I could post here) - values are for 1 cup uncooked legumes.
Along with legumes and beans, nuts constitute major role in a vegetarian's diet. They are important since they bring protein to the table. At the same time, they do bring quite a bit of fat and carb share. You need to be very careful with nuts. Most of the doctors and the sources suggest you to eat only your handful of the nuts. Not more and not too many times either.  In fact, as per the prevention book, it is good to eat nut fat since fat slows down the sugar absorption there by decreasing the Glycemic Index of the entire food. But, you need to know how much calories each category brings.
I understand that it is almost impossible for me to give you the details of calories on each and every ingredient. I will try to cover the main ingredients that have not been addressed in tomorrow's post and move on to more interesting topics like actual recipe. I am sure some of you are missing the recipes on this blog for the past two days.

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    I have noticed that the calories are mentioned differently in different places on the web.. I guess each variety has a different calorie count for example each kind of wheat(hard, red, durrum etc) has a different calorie count.

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