Sunday, April 3, 2011

Are you at a risk????

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional or a dietitian or a nutritionist. All the contents in this post are my understanding from reading books and online material. There could be some points that were suggested to me by medical professionals. Do not use this as medical advice.

I am an Asian Indian. Asian Indians are at a greater risk of being diabetic, especially those who consume a lot of rice or carbs. My risk is higher since my mother is diabetic. I do know the importance of healthy eating habits (which I don't follow all the time) and exercising (which I should do more than I do now).

Even when most of Indian vegetarian food is healthy, it is also loaded with carbohydrates which, makes you get hungry often which leads to eating more. Lentils and beans, which are our main source of protein come with not just protein but with a good share of carbohydrates too.

So, if you answer any of the following questions with a 'Yes', then you ought to join me in educating yourself about preventing the diabetes. 'Prevention is better than cure' is so true. Most of these questions are from the 'Sugar Solution' book.
1. Are you over weight?
2. Are you over 45?
3. Is either of your parents or sibling is diabetic?
4. Did you have gestational diabetes?(This question is for women)
5. Did you deliver a baby over 9 pounds?(This question is for women)
6. Are you an Asian, African American, latino, Native American or Pacific Island ethnicity person?
7. Are you growing more than normal facial hair? (This question is for women only)
8. Are you Inactive?
9. Do you have high blood pressure?
10. Do you have high bad cholesterol or low good cholesterol or high triglycerides?
11. Were you diagnosed with preeclampsia or high blood pressure during pregnancy?(This question is for women)

My information is based on couple of books that I own, to name one - 'The Sugar Solution' by prevention magazines and other online references. 
From tomorrow for a total of 7 days, I will be participating in a blogging marathon with a bunch of lovely ladies. My theme is 'Diabetes Diet/Management'. I am not going to tell you what to eat. I do not consider myself an authority on that subject.  I however am going to post some information that I have learned and some recipes based on ingredients that are recommended for diabetic people. I will give you details about the nutrition values of those dishes. You can decide if it is good for you or not.

Check back every day for the next 7 days. Will you? And you are welcome to share your knowledge. If you leave a comment with the information (it could even be a link), I will update this post with that information with due credit.

Happy Sunday everyone.
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  1. Champa, I am really very glad that you took this topic. I am sure many will be benefited by this.

  2. Well written introduction, I would be glad to chip in with any info that I may have. i would have loved to participate in hte marathon too...but time constraints prevent me.Good luck with your effort!

  3. Very informative posts. My answers to more than one question is yes. I already know I am at risk. But I am curious to know how could abnormal facial hair growth could be a risk factor. Thanks

  4. Pooja,
    Endocrinal problems can lead to abnormal hormone secretion. One of which is Androgen that is responsible for facial hair growth. Lot of asian women have this problem after 30 which might not mean anything but if it is in excess, it is better to be checked for the hormonal levels.


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