Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bake-Off is taking a break....

I started this weekly showcasing of baked goods last year. To be precise, on 12th of March, 2010. It has been a year and with so many people participating, this has been fun.

Unfortunately, my current schedule is not permitting me to compile a roundup every week. So, I am giving 'Bake-Off' a break. Thanks to everyone who have been sending their entries and special thanks to those who read them every week. There will be the final one tomorrow until my schedule permits. I hope you all extend the same enthusiasm and support when I do restart it.

Till tomorrow's post, take care. Pin It


  1. Woow..its been a year..Kudos to you for doing it every week for the last one year...Take care, dear. Restart it when time permits.

  2. oh ok dear... you can take a break... would be missing many great recipes... it was really very helpful for a beginner in baking like me...

    DNSW: F Roundup
    Dish Name Starts with G

  3. I would miss this roundup Champa, but I guess break is ok. Get your schedule in place and pay attention to more important things and them come back when time permits. I will wait :)

  4. :(((((( Will miss it....
    Anyways... it was a great job from you - that you have posted round ups every week, religiously.... Take care...

  5. This does come as a surprise, do restart once it fits your schedule..


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