Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Final Roundup for Kid's Delight - Restaurant Recreation

When I announced this event,  I had no idea that the response will be so overwhelming. Thanks to everyone who participated in this event with such enthusiasm. Thanks to Srivalli for letting me host this and I am sure this event will be a great success in the coming months and years. I have posted the entries in the reverse order since it was a running roundup and the initial entries had got proper notice. In the reverse order of reception, we have all these wonderful 65 entries made by people with lot of love and care for the kid/s in their life.

Tacos with granulated soy:
Neetu of 'TipsNDeals' made these wonderful, packed with protein 'Tacos with granulated Soy'.

Subway veggie sandwich:
Rashmy from 'AmmaandBaby' made these 'Subway veggie sandwich'.

Rocket Dosa:
Supriya from 'Queen of my kitchen' made these 'Rocket Dosa' for her kid.

Coconut Oat Cookies:
Sravani from 'Srav's Culinary Concepts' made these 'Coconut Oat Cookies'.

Palak Paneer:
Kaveri from 'Palakkad Chamayal' made 'Palak Paneer', which is her daughter's favorite.

Quinoa multigrain Pizza:
Priya of 'Now Serving' sent along this 'Quinoa Multigrain Pizza'.

Homemade Mac N Cheese:
Harini-Jaya of 'Tamalapaku' made this 'Mac N Cheese'.

Chinese Fried Rice:
Nivedita of 'Nivedita's Kitchen' made this 'Chinese Fried Rice(Restaurant STyle)'.

Vegetable Cutlet:
Meenakshi from 'Ponderings of a working Mom' made these 'vegetable cutlets' which, her son adores.

Chinese Fried Rice:
Harini-Jaya of 'Tamalapaku' send in 'Chinese Fried Rice'.

Ginger Pakoda:
Ramya form 'Ramya's Kitchen' made these 'Allam Pakoda/Ginger Pakoda'.

Ripe Banana Fritters:
Smitha from 'Smitha's Spicy Flavors' made these 'Ripe Banana Fritters'.

Candy Cane Cookies:
Hasna of 'Kachussdelights' sends these 'Candy Cane Cookies'.

Trail Mix, Multigrain Power Bar, Eggless Sugarless Vanilla Pudding:
Sadhana from 'SensibleVeg' made these three dishes.

Nutella Cold Coffee:
Savitha from 'Savitha's Kitchen' made this 'Nutella Cold Coffee'.

Scallion Pancakes (Chinese Style):
Smitha of 'Smitha's Spicy Flavors' made these 'Scallion Pancakes'.

Akila from 'Learning to Cook' made this 'Falooda'.

Mini Jalebi:
Savitha from 'Savitha's Kitchen' made these 'Mini Jalebi'.

Choco Coffee Truffles:
Hasna of 'Kachussdelights' sends these 'Choco Coffee Truffles'.

Rasgulla Blackforest cake:
Hasna of 'Kachussdelights' sends these 'Rasgulla Blackforest cake'.

Jacket Potatos with Mixed Vegetable Stuffing:
Inspired Kitchen has an entry for this event. 'Jacket Potatos with Mixed Vegetable Stuffing'.

Frosty, Fruity, Soft drink:
Nashira from 'Plateful' made this delicious 'Frosty, Fruity, soft drink'.

Homemade Popcorn:
Harini-Jaya of 'Tamalapaku' send 'Homemade Popcorn'.

Mysore Masala Puri:
Savitha of 'Kitchen Celebrations' sends 'Mysore Masala Puri'.

Sheetal of 'Nicks N Jits Kitchen' sends 'pizza'.

Watermelon Popsicles:
Jayashree of 'LuvGoodFood' made these 'Watermelon popsicles'.

Cheesy Artichoke & Mushroom Calzone:
Another entry from Priya Suresh who blogs at 'Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes'. Her 'Cheesy Artichoke & Mushroom Calzone' looks absolutely gorgeous.

Eggless Wholewheat Saffron & Walnut Cookies:

Masala Mirchi Bhajji:
Srivalli made another one for this event. Her 'Masala Mirchi Bhajji' is not just for kids but for adults too.

Fettuccine with Spinach & Mint:
Kamakshi from 'Kamu's Kaivannam' made this 'Fettuccine with Spinach & Mint'.

Bhel Puri:
Savitha from 'Savitha's Kitchen' made this 'Bhel Puri'.

Everyday Chocolate Snack Cake:
Ruchi from 'Simply Food' sends this 'Everyday Chocolate Snack Cake'.

Gunta Pongadalu - Paniyaram:
Srivalli, who is the founder of this event and who blogs at 'Spicing your Life' made these 'Gunta Pongadalu - Paniyaram'.  

Banana Dosai:
Shylaja from 'South Indian Home' made these 'Banana Dosai'.

Apple Rabri:
Vatsala from 'Show and Tell' made this 'Apple Rabri'.

Chila Pizza:
Vatsala from 'Show and Tell' has one more to offer. She made this 'Chila Pizza' with moong dal batter.

Tri Color Pasta in Spinach Sauce:
Raji of 'Vegetarian Tastebuds' made this 'Tri Color Pasta in Spinach Sauce' for her kid who loved eating this at Pizza Hut.

Oatmeal and Fruits:
Neethu from 'TipsNDeals' made this healthy breakfast using 'Oatmeal and Fruits'.

Ranginak (Persian Date Cake):
Zareena who blogs at 'My experiments with food' made 'Ranginak (Persian Date Cake)' that she loved at an Iranian restaurant.

Strawberry Cupcakes:
Sravani from 'Srav's Culinary Concepts' made these 'Strawberry Cupcakes'.

Kaju Katli:
Devi from 'Devi's Blog' made these 'Kaju Katli' which was her favorite as a kid. I like them too.

Chilli Paneer:
Bhagyashri from 'Taste Buds' sends in 'Chilli Paneer' which is her kid's favorite.

Strawberry ShortCake:
Akheela from 'TorviewToranto' made these lovely 'Strawberry ShortCakes'.

Vegetable Samosa:
Harini-Jaya of 'Tamalapaku' made these 'Vegetable Samosa' for her kids since the store bought or restaurant ones are spicy for them.

Vegetable Quiche:
Veena from 'Kitchen Celebrations' sends in 'Vegetable Quiche' which were fancied by her kids.

Watermelon Mellonge:
Ramya from 'Ramya's Kitchen' sends in 'Watermelon Mellonge'.

Instant Rawa Roast:
PJ of 'Seduce your tastebuds' sends in another favorite of her daughter. These 'instant rawa dosa or roast' are crispy and yummy.

Bakery Biscuits:
Gayathri from 'Gayathri's Cook Spot' made these 'bakery biscuits' which were her favorite as a kid and they are now her daughter's favorite too. Isn't that cool?

Malai Kulfi:
Ramya from 'Ramya's Kitchen' made these irresistible 'Malai Kulfi'.

White Chocolate Cream Cheese Truffles:
These are my kids' favorite. I made it using cream cheese instead of traditional ganache.

Trendy Thayir Vadai:
Priya of 'Now Serving' has a very interesting low fat thayir vadai that she made using bread slices.

Mini Quiches:
Saji sends 'Mini Quiches' that she whipped in no time using pillsbury crescent rolls.

Mini pizza with Bread and pastry crust:
Nashira from 'Plateful' sends these 'mini pizza with bread and pastry crust'. A fun way of making mini pizza without going through all the labor of dough making.

Strawberry and Banana Smoothie:
Nashira from 'Plateful' sends 'strawberry and banana smoothie'. What a nice way to sneak in the fruits into your kids' diet.

Vegetable Pizza with home made tomato sauce:
Savitha from 'Savitha's Kitchen' sends these 'Vegetable Pizza with home made tomato sauce', which is her kid's favorite.

Bitter Chocolate American Walnut Brownies: 
Richa from 'Ambrosia' sends these brownies, which she made for her niece and nephew.
Peanut Murukku:
Priya of 'Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes' made these peanut murukku with soaked peanuts. Very innovative I should say.

Creamy Herbed Farfalle:
Priya of 'Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes' made these for her kid who loves these bow ties pasta so much.

Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies:
Harini-Jaya from 'Tamalapaku' send these wonderful cookies to this event. These 'Chocolate Chip Cookies' happen to be her daughters' favorite.

Chocolate Pudding:
I made this pudding since my younger one is very fond of this.
Paneer Butter Masala:
PJ of 'Seduce Your Tastebuds' sends in this beautiful entry of 'Paneer Butter Masala'. She made it at home for her daughter who loves to eat this at the restaurant.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries:
Smitha from 'Smitha's Spicy flavors, cooking my way...' sends  her kids' favorite 'Chocolate dipped strawberries'.
Semi Home made Bruschetta:
Smitha from 'Smitha's Spicy flavors, cooking my way...' sends her version of 'Semi home made bruschetta'. She explains how we can lower the calories by making it at home.

Penne with Spinach and Mushrooms in White Sauce:
Veena of 'Kitchen Celebrations' made this 'Penne with Spinach and Mushrooms in White Sauce' for her kids. She says that her older son loves pasta so much that he goes looking for at least pasta salad in the salad bar if he can't find it among the main course. Isn't he a true pasta lover?
Eggless Blueberry Muffins:
First entry for this comes from Harini-Jaya of 'Tamalapaku'. She made these 'Eggless Blueberry Muffins' for her kid who loves these muffins from the store. Better still, she did this whole project involving her kid. Way to go Harini.

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  1. good job Harini...I am going to leave a message on her blog too!:)

  2. Yes the running roundup does give it a different feel..thanks for the efforts Champa..

  3. Hey Champa, the vegetable quiche link is broken..Can u please fix it?

  4. Very exciting and inviting recipes, Champa. I have bookmarked so many of them to try it out soon. Its always a great delight to come at versatile kitchen to catch up with the latest happening posts around the web. Great efforts and posts...cheers !

  5. wonderfulrecipes.
    I tried the Banana Dosa. It was great.

  6. What a fantastic round up Champa, I have so many that I want to make. feel bad that I couldn't take up to recreate as I thought I should..but have bookmarked, will be doing it for it. Thanks again!

  7. Lovley round up champa I missed it didn't I ?

  8. Lovely Round up ! Sad I missed it ! :( Looking forward to the next one !

  9. hi, thank u for the lovely roundup! so many tasty recipes..lookign fwd to making some.. and looking fwd to another great event..


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