Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mango Mousse

When I got married, my mother-in-law told me one thing that is so true about my husband. She said "He is never going to say that food is good. If he goes for second serving, assume that he liked it". Till today (12 years now), he always goes for second and many times third serving of the food that I cook. But how many times in these 12 years has he told me that food is good? I believe I can count that with my fingers. Anyway, he doesn't even ask me to make something in particular. One day, we went to Hot Breads and he bought a piece of sponge cake filled with Mango Mousse. He liked it so much that I decided to make it at home. I searched online and found a video on Wareh wah chef. I started making this since then. I make it for the parties at home and fill it in 3 Oz cups and freeze a week before. Just have to get it out of the freezer and place on a tray when it is time for dessert. And everyone loves it particularly kids.
Mango Mousse
One Year Back - Chocolate Almond Spread
Sweetened Condensed Mango pulp - 1 can (You can get this in Asian grocery stores)
Water - 3/4 cups
Heavy Whipping Cream - 2 cups chilled or 1 tub 16 Oz Cool whip thawed in the refrigerator (See Notes)
Mango flavored jelly crystals - 2 packets (90 gms each) Or 2 TBSP agar - agar powder
Sugar - 1/2 cup if using heavy whipping cream. Omit if using cool whip.
Mango Mousse

Empty the pulp into a large bowl. Rinse the can with 3/4 cup of water and pour the water into a saucepan. Keep on low heat. Add the crystals and keep stirring till they dissolve. It need not boil. Turn off the heat. Keep stirring occasionally to prevent skin from forming. When cool,  add the contents of the sauce pan to the bowl which has mango pulp in it. Stir well to combine.

If you are using whipping cream, whip it to soft peaks with sugar. Fold in the cool whip or whipped cream.  Pour into the serving cups and refrigerate. You can even freeze this. Better still, you can use graham cracker pie crust and fill it with it and let it set in the refrigerator.

Mousse stays fine in the refrigerator for 2 - 3 days. For longer storage, freeze it. If you are a fan of mousse, you should check out these posts too. Strawberry Mousse, Almond Mousse, Eggless Dark Chocolate Mousse.

I prefer to use cool whip in this recipe because of one reason. I can use low fat or non-fat cool whip and the texture will be just fine. If you are alright using gelatin, instead of the jelly crystals, you can use 2 envelops of gelatin. Soften with 1/2 cup of water. Let it bloom then warm with another 1/4 cup of water. When it is melted, add it to the mango pulp and proceed. You can get Mango flavored jelly crystals in asian grocery stores particularly Indian and Pakisthani stores.

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  1. The mousse looks fabulous. Just yummy!!!

  2. I thought its only my husband who doesn't say anything, if the food is good.
    Delicious mousse.

  3. Great looking,irresistible mousse, beautiful click!

  4. Very tempting mousee and fantastic clicks...glad to follow u dear..


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  5. Lovely recipe... looks wonderful.. pic is just amazing... Can be made a week earlier!!! that is amazing ....

  6. Nice way to end the marathon.I will try this as I have some China grass left.I was just wondering if I can use Mango puree and condensed milk / or mango pulp alone instead of sweetened condensed mango pulp...

  7. Thanks everyone.
    You could use fresh mangoes and sugar to it. No need for using condensed milk since you will be using whipping cream to increase the volume. Refer to my strawberry mousse recipe where I use fresh strawberry puree. You will have a better idea with that recipe if using fresh fruit.

  8. lovely mousse....

    and i want to ask you one thing.. when i baked a cake, the upper part got cracks. the inside cake is soft and nice. i used the readymade bought cake mixture only. and kept the oven by 180 C and in middle tray only. can you tell me what went wrong?

  9. Akila,
    It probably is due to your oven being too hot. Or over mixing. Oven temperature is not the same as the dial shows. It varies. I would suggest you get an oven thermometer (4 dollars in walmart and target) and check the temperature. If you have been baking other stuff and they turn out to be fine, then the culprit is over mixed batter. Plus, make it a habit to tap the pan at least 10 times before placing in the oven to remove unwanted air bubbles. Hope this helps.

  10. love the beautiful colour..yum

  11. I think most of the husbands don't like to compliment .they are just that way :)

    Thats a very nice mousse there and my husband loves it too..(He lets me know what he wants/likes to eat!)

  12. looks perfect, champa!! i add condensed milk instead of sugar and use fresh mango pulp as it tastes much better than the canned ones. you could check this http://azeeskitchen.wordpress.com/2010/05/03/mango-ice-cream/

  13. I have made it a few times and it always comes out perfect! looks yum!

  14. mousse is looking fabulous...perfect party pleaser recipe.

  15. Omg, mango mousse makes me hungry..Soo tempting!

  16. mousse looks very tempting champa.
    I do not find agar agar powder here, only the stick or strand like ones. how many gms of that should i substitute?

  17. Mousse has set very well. Yum

  18. I keep bugging my husband and other relatives until they give me an opinion on the food I've cooked:-)
    The mango mousse sounds easy to make and delicious.

  19. Wow mouthwatering I didn't find chinagrass here let me check one more time looks yum champa..

  20. Thanks everyone.
    1 TBSP of agar agar is roughly 1/3 of an Oz. 1 Oz is about 28 gms(approximate). I would say for 1 TBSP of agar agar use the bar that is approximately 9 - 10 gms. Now the question is do you have a scale to weigh that small quantity?

  21. My husband is the opposite kind.. If the food is good, he says it right away. If it is bad, he doesn't say anything and 2-3 days later or when I plan on making the same dish again, then he tells me it was bad the last time I cooked it. IF the food doesn't look good or if it is terrible, he won't even touch it.

    Love mango mousse!

  22. Though I am not a great fan of mango desserts, this certainy is catchy.

  23. The mousse looks absolutely devine!

  24. Thanks for the response Champa.Will try it and let you know :)

  25. Lovely mousse... Though never get beyond chocolate, this summer I have to try this...

  26. Champa
    The mousse looks fabulous....will try and let u know..
    The clicks are so good that i want to eat it rt away...
    Happy Blogging

  27. Lovely recipe, I am in California in USA. Any clue where can i find this agar-agar?
    Thanks in advance,

  28. Kshitija,
    You should be able to get agar-agar powder in chinese/korean stores easily. If not, you can always use mango flavored jelly crystals that you get in Indian stores.

  29. Champa, back with a doubt gain. Since i will be using only fresh pulp , how many cups should i be using for the same amount of other ingredients?

    1. Veena,
      One can of condensed mango pulp is about 850 gms. Think that it is about 600 gms of mango pulp plus 250 gms of sugar. But since they are condensed, the result might vary a bit in texture. Let me know how the experiment turned out. Maybe you could do a small batch of the recipe and try?


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