Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Announcing Kid's Delight - Restaurant Recreation

If you are one of those who read food blogs and particularly Indian food blogs, you must've stumbled on Srivalli's blogs. I had participated in her Kid's delight even some time back. When I found out that she is hosting it every month, I asked her if she would let me guest host it this month. Thanks to her she immediately agreed. So, I am hosting 'Kid's Delight - Restaurant Recreation'  this month. The deadline is 15th March 2011.
There is something different about it too. It will be a running roundup. Once I receive the first entry, I will create a post for it, which will be updated every time I get another entry. That way, if there are people whose kids like the same thing, they can give it a shot without waiting for the final roundup. I will update the running roundup page within 24 hours after receiving the entry.
Another new attraction of this event - we are trying to gather a group of volunteers to try out some of the recipes that come in as an entry to this event. If there is any recipe that my kid would like it, I will try making that using your recipe  and posting it on my blog with a mention of the source. So, your creation will be appreciated more than once.

Now to the rules:

Make something that your kid (niece, nephew or any other kid that you know) ate at a restaurant and liked it a lot. Or a store bought food item in your own way. If there are recipes for that somewhere and you follow it, that is fine too. But make sure you provide the link for the source. You could substitute some of the ingredients too. Dishes have to be vegetarian. Eggs are allowed only in baked goods. Send your entry with the link to this page and Srivalli's announcement. Email is to be sent to with the subject 'Kid's delight'.
Details to be sent in the email are:
Your blog name, dish name, a picture of size 200 X 200, link to the URL of the post.
Non bloggers are very welcome to send the entries too. There are no limits for the entries but, the creation has to be in the current month. No archives please.
For more rules, refer here check out the rules if you have any doubt.

What are you waiting for? Get cooking, baking.
Some of the examples of what my kids like:
Pizza, Strawberry ice cream, Graham crackers, fibre 1 bars, Granola bars, Truffles, Oreos etc.

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  1. cool idea guys!...will surely try to make something!

  2. Great idea and great blog here.. Will post my recipe for the event.. and so lgad to follow yours.

  3. luvly idea....will surely send one ...

  4. Happy hosting, lovely will sure flooded with entries.

  5. Happy hosting Champa, will send in my entry in a day and i would love to volunteer too.

  6. Cool idea Champa.Will surely send u some entries.Happy hosting...

  7. Just now stopped by your blog and saw this event..will be happy to participate as this is kid's delight...I will come up very soon

  8. Have posted some Kiddy Treats on my blog. Will send you some of the Veggie ones. :) Lovely blog you have dear, will follow you.

  9. Lovely event...will surly send u some recipes !!

    First time here...u have wonderful collection of recipes..Glad to follow u :)

  10. HI
    Just sent one entry.
    Waiting for the round up to get many ideas to bring the hotel to home


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