Friday, January 14, 2011


Thanks to everyone for participating.
If you want to know how to participate, read this.
Next Bake-Off will be on '1/21/2011'. Bake-Off archive can be found here.
Eggless Vanilla Cake from 'Tamalapaku'
Tiramisu Cake from 'Cakes and More'
Eggless Chocolate cake with fudge icing from 'The Veggie Hut'

Eggless Coconut Macaroons from 'Saras kitchen'
Almond Cookies from 'Vegetarian Tastebuds'
Vegan Coconut Cookies from 'Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen'

Quick Breads/Muffins
Raisins and Cornmeal bread from 'Vegetarian Tastebuds'
Chunky Banana Bran Bread from 'Noshes, Thoughts and Reves'
Whole Wheat Veggie Savory Muffins from 'Sin-A-Mon'

Yeast Breads
Pani Popo from 'A Little bit of everything'
White Bread with Tangzhong Starter from 'Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen'
Zucchini Bread from 'Sizzle N Spice'

Red onion and Goat cheese Tart from 'A Little bit of everything'

Roasted vegetables from 'Sugar N' Spice'
Pizza from 'Sin-A-Mon'

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  1. Hi Champa,

    Just forgot to send it to u.. Can u add it now.

  2. Happy Sankranthi! So many to try out! My bookmarks are overflowing here!!


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