Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cake Decorating Basics - Part 9

I am away from home this week visiting family. Naturally, I am away from my kitchen. That is the reason for no posts on this blog. But, since I am not busy doing too many things at home, I had time to put up this post with videos that are already there on the internet. These videos are very helpful compared to written posts because they are visual. Many times, people do not know which one to look for and this post should give you some idea to search for what you want.

Disclaimer: Since these are not my work, there is a chance that the video might not be available in future. If that happens, I probably won't be able to fix it.

This is from a lady who goes by the name SeriousCakes. She has put up some awesome videos.
This one is about how to frost and smooth the cake.
This is from the same person wherein she shows how to frost a square cake.

She has tons of other videos that you could check out.

Coming to the part of how to cover a cake with fondant. This video shows you how to cover a cake with fondant. He is using commercial fondant which is way easier to work with. You could use home made fondant instead. The pouch he is dabbing has equal portions of corn starch and confectioner's sugar. Wilton sells them, but you could easily use a new washed stocking. It works the same way.

I will try to put up some more posts with the videos (made by others of course) about how to pipe different flowers. For now, enjoy them and go look for what you are interested.
For those who have missed this series.. here is some reading material.

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  1. I haven't reached this stage yet. I still want to be able to make a 2 layer cake with no frosting etc. So, trying to achieve that, but will save this series :)

  2. very informative....

  3. Champa, this is really such a wonderful resource!..thanks for taking so much time to write on this..:)

  4. I learnt a lot of decorating techniques from Serious Cakes. She is really great. Thanks for sharing..

  5. A very informative post again champa.

  6. Wow! This is just the thing that i needed!! Thank you soo much :)


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