Saturday, November 13, 2010

Something new - Reader's Contribution

Someone whom I met at a party came to know about my 'blogging'. She asked me how many recipes I have out there. I told her about 300 or so. She said "All yours? and none from someone's contribution?". That made me think of this option. I am going to create a page called 'Reader's Contribution' and will start giving links to the recipes contributed by the readers.

There are couple of rules though.

Only Non-bloggers are allowed to send in a recipe. Come to think of it, if you are a blogger, you can blog about it on your space right?
It has to be vegetarian. If it is a baked good, it can have eggs.

How it works?
There is no time limit for this. I will try out one of the recipes and post that copying the link on to the page. Please try to send in a recipe that I do not already have it on my blog.
I can do only one recipe per week and your recipe could be sitting in the 'queue' for its turn.

So, come on readers, dig in your grand mother's recipe collection or send me something that you have been making for years. It could be something from a magazine or a recipe book that you tried and tweaked to your taste. It could be from your friend/relative that you have made it. I will not change anything on the recipe except maybe use substitutes if I can't get the ingredients. This is an opportunity for you to come out and say "My recipe is on the internet too".

Send your recipe and couple of lines as to how you started making it to my email at versatilekitchen at gmail dot com. Please make sure to give your name (just first name is enough) and location. You can be discrete for example my location is: Philadelphia, PA even though I live in suburbs and not exactly in Philadelphia.

A special thanks to those silent readers who mentioned about this page on other internet forums with kind words. I really appreciate it and if not for the kind words, it wouldn't be possible to keep doing this.

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  1. Lovely Idea.Good concept to give non bloggers to participate to show case their fav recipe.

  2. Great idea. Looking forward to the recipes :)

  3. Very good initiative, Champa!

  4. Hey, what about non-food bloggers like me? Just a thought...:)

  5. Rekha,
    Sure. Send in your family recipe and it will be posted. Thanks for bringing this up.


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