Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another CSN Giveaway for $75!!

This giveaway is closed!!
If you have been reading this blog, you already know something about CSN Stores which is a collection of 200+ Stores. They have all the things someone might need from baby stuff to Bed Sets. CSN Store's promotional team contacted me to do another giveaway for my readers. This time it will be $75 which does not include shipping. CSN stores ship to U.S and Canada only.

To participate in this giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment. You do not need to follow me. You do not need to become a subscriber. You do not need to tweet this or become a follower on facebook.You do not need to blog about it either.

So, what do you have to do to qualify? Simple. Just leave a comment mentioning one recipe that you have tried or would wish to try from this blog. If you have tried more than one, mention that if you could. If you are leaving a comment anonymously, make sure to add your email info so that I can contact you if you are the winner.

I will close this giveaway and announce a winner picked out randomly on  10/22/2010.
You have to be a resident of U.S or Canada to participate. Or you should have an address that you can use to ship in these two countries.

Disclaimer: I am not being compensated by CSN Stores for this giveaway.

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  1. I would like to try the different varieties of bread there in your blog. I have tried the milk bread once.. Need to master the art of baking breads..

  2. I'd love to try your sweet milk rolls. They remind me so much of this Japanese bread that I love.

  3. I am intrigued by your eggless avocado bread recipe. I love baking, too, and I've cut eggs from my diet since January. I also love the flavour of avocados! I can't wait to try out your recipe - just need to pick up some avocados next time I am out grocery shopping.
    ebickell at hotmail dot com

  4. Although I personally love all ur bread varities, I would love to bake whole wheat orange cranberry bread with the goodness of all the healthy ingredients.

  5. I would like to try the 6 cup Burfi. Sounds really good!

  6. I am a big fan of your baking , I have tried your stuffed buns and eagerly want to try your chocolate rolls


  7. I've drooled over lots, but made your vegan rice krispie treats. Yum!

  8. Your baking recipes are awesome I tried quite a few and wld luv to try the sweet mango-apricot-cashewflat bread! thx again

  9. Hi Champa,
    hru doing dear..i m stucked and busy bee these days so was nt able to catch up with ur informative posts and versatile recipes...but promise wil b blogging in full swing in some days and visit all my blogger frnds space soon...
    I tried just nt one but 3 recipes from u with super success..all 3 tasted equally great..yum n delicious...wil make thosemore often..
    first was-Onion Tart
    second-fruit chutney
    third-crescent rolls
    thanks so much for sharing these easy,simple yet amazing recipes with us..

  10. i would love to try ur chocolate rolls for my kids ;)

  11. I've tried couple of your recipes : Tomato thokku and basic white bread.

  12. Dear Champa,

    I love the way you make baking look like a very easy task and all the guidelines you have given to bake cakes and decorating them.I love all your bread recipes.I would definitely(bookmarked a lot of them) love to try all your bread recipes.

  13. Almond Joy Cookies!!Thats what I want!!!I wish you would make them for me??Hehe!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway.I love your food!
    Have a wonderful and tasty weekend

  14. I would love to make the Oyengar bakery khara bread! I have followed your cake decorating posts and they were very helpful!!!!

  15. Ok.. what i have tried from your blog are:
    - Whole Wheat Egg less Banana Muffins
    - Hawaiian Cobbler

    Next on my list:
    Pesto Crescent Rolls
    No knead buns

    Well, i want to someday bake at least half of what you have posted....

  16. Dear Champa,

    I just love your breads and cakes...Until a few months back I didn't know how to bake a cake or bread...then I stumbled upon your blog and got hooked onto the cake decorating section and bread baking that now i try to bake stuff using vegetables, fruits and even leftovers at times!!! Thanks Champa so much for this...

    I have tried a couple of your recipes and sent some of it to your bake-off events too:

    Some are:
    1) Mango bread- this was a super duper hit! and featured in your bake-off weekly event.
    2) Whole wheat cinnamon rolls - my family loved this.
    3) Corn Salsa - this is made at least once a month at home now.
    4) Hawaiian cobbler - fruity fresh dessert...

    There are many more that I have tried and tasted here and there...these are a few to mention...

    Keep up the excellent job going..and hope to see many more yummy recipes to try out in future...especially for amateurs like me!


  17. Hi Champa,

    You are a very friendly blogger and amazed with your posts. Before I got to your blog, I wanted to make breads but did not know how..
    I have tried lot of your recipes and call you my baking Guru! at home.

    Few of the recipes which i have tried so far are

    1. Whole wheat bread
    2. Avocado bread
    3. Apple bread and few more.

    Keep up the good work! You are good in answering queries as well.

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    Warm Regards

  18. Penne with Egglplant in spicy tomato sauce!!I would like to try this just because I don't like eggplant but I would like to see if anyone could come up with some way to make it taste good.
    It's the only food in the world I dislike that I have tried

  19. Hi Champa,

    I love all your breads. I made yam rolls from your blog, mine didnt cameas soft as yours but tasted good, as i am new to baking still finding out the time settings of my oven. I also want to try the Iyengar bakery spicy karha bread from you blog after dasara festival.

    Thanks for the give away.

  20. I would like to try the Chocolare rolls.

    tahearn at roadrunner dot com

  21. Dear Champa,
    My family is a kind where every person has different taste ..
    some sweet,spicy and some sour even bitter taste..haha
    and its a big question wht to try from ur mouthwatering archieve u hv kept in mind all tastes and ur space has recipes which fulfills blend of all tastes...but as for top on the list r-
    Onion Bread and Sweet buns
    I love spicy wouldlove to try ur
    Iyengar Bakery Khara Bread / Spicy Onion Bread
    Sweet milk buns specially bcos it eggless and with our fam fav tofu...
    wil try these as soon as settle with my things a little and blog n post abt it soon..

  22. I would love to try your chocolate rolls for both my kid and me:)

  23. I would like to try the Vegan Yam Muffins.

  24. Since I have a sweet tooth I'd like to try the Wheat Flour Laddoo!

  25. The Baklava looks yummy! I'd like to try making it over the holidays

  26. I'd really like to try the Whole Wheat Orange Cranberry Bread. It sounds PERFECT for fall!

    junkforcarmen at gmail dot com

  27. I want to try most of your bread recipes, especially the mango bread(after the lengthy explanation you gave me to get over my fears) but for some reason I am balking at the idea of trying any bread recipes with yeast. Yeast is one ingredient that I am extremely nervous to try. Once I get over my fear, my first yeasty bread would be the mango bread and then the moist avocado bread.

  28. I would love to try baklava and all those sweet breads you have over here.
    Swetha1977 at yahoo dot com.

  29. I wish I were your neighbor Champa. Wow to all the goodies you make! I have tried several of your recipes, the latest one - masala kichidi. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Love your bread recipes...i would love to try Iyengar Bakery Spicy khara bread and Kesar Nankhatai.I tried ur hawaiian Cobbler and we all loved it.

  31. So many of your recipes look good, but I'd really like to try those blonde brownies, and I'm not just saying that to enter the giveaway (although that's nice too)!

    eemoody77 at gmail dot com

  32. I like the muffins and cake and bread kinda bakes that dont need a frosting..Still waiting to try your baklava..

    Have made buns and muffins so far from yours..

  33. I would love to try the Chocolate Loves Vanilla Bread:

    Looks sooo yummy! :)

  34. I am a frequent visitor of your site, I absolutely love the Iyengar bread toast, it is my all time favorite. You have an amazing website:)

  35. I made the eggless fried rice because my sons love fried rice but I could never get the seasonings to please them. Love this recipe!

  36. I really want to try the honey applesauce muffins. They sound so yummy!

  37. HI Champa,

    What a great opportunity, after a break of more than a month I'm back & here U have this for me I guess U know by now it's gonna be bread....this time it's Khara bread & Sweet Milk Buns.....