Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Krishna Janmashtami/Krishna Jayanthi

Many people celebrate Lord Krishna's birthday on many different days. Whatever their way of calculation is, there is something very common among all these. Lot of goodies. I made some too. I did share some with you and others I am yet to share in detailed posts. But, here is an overview with the links to whatever I have already posted.
What you see in a bowl is Ompodi which is just a little variation which is explained in this Kara Sev post.
In the platter, you see Rave Unde, Coconut Burfi, 6 Cup Burfi, Wheat Flour Laddoo as one set.
Below that set is Mucchore (not posted yet), Tengol and my mother's Murukku recipe that I have not posted yet.
I don't know if God enjoyed these, but my kids very much did.
Have a great day everyone!! Pin It


  1. Lovely spread! Wish I was somewhere nearby :)

  2. Happy jamashtmi! Thats a delicious platter :-)

  3. plate looks awesome n like to have them all..

  4. Why don't you send me across a pack of those yummy snacks.... ;)


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