Friday, August 13, 2010

Corn Salad

It is always smart and good to cook with fresh and seasonal ingredients. I would never have thought of making corn salad if I were still living in India. But here, in summer, there is corn everywhere. So, here comes the salad with it.

Corn - 3 ears
Tomato - 1 ripe but firm chopped finely
Cucumber - 1 medium peeled and seeds removed if very ripe and chopped finely
Cilantro - 2 TBSP chopped
Olive oil or any other oil - 1 - 2 TBSP
Salt - to taste
Lime - 1
Jalapeno pepper - 1 or more to taste chopped finely (remove seeds if you don't like the heat)

Boil water in a pan and add a little salt to it. Remove the husk and silk from the corn and boil it for about 5 - 10 minutes. Remove and dump them in cold water to stop cooking. Shuck the corn when cold enough to handle. Place the kernels in a bowl. Add chopped tomatoes, cucumber, cilantro, olive oil, salt, jalapeno and the juice of lime. Mix well and serve.

You can add a pod or two of crushed garlic. Instead of cucumber, you can use chopped red onions. Don't like jalapeno pepper? Replace it with chilli flakes or cayanne pepper. You could use your favorite vinegar in place of lime juice.

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  1. yummy salad with corn. i like the note on all the variations..

  2. Hi there,
    first time to your beautiful space.. loving your awesome recipe collection here.. spl your bread collection.. so perfect n so professional.. have bookmarked a few of them .. have 2 go through more..:)
    corn salad looks just so refreshing n nice
    will b visiting often..
    do drop in at my space sometime
    take care

  3. This is my regular salad these days...looks yumm

  4. Corn salad looks very colourful and its healthy too.

  5. Lovely too make it almost same with garlic...


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