Friday, August 27, 2010


Thanks to everyone for participating.
If you want to know how to participate, read this. Next Bake-Off will be on '9/3/2010'. Bake-Off archive can be found here.

Bread and Fruits Pudding from 'Faji's Hot Pot'
 Homemade Classic White Bread from 'Super Yummy Recipes'
 Marvelous Macaroons from 'Veggie Hut'
 Garlic Rolls from 'Taste of Pearl City'
 Beurre Noisette Pound cake from 'Oh Taste N See'
 Orange Yogurt cake from 'Cakes and More'
 Pita Pocket Bread from 'Super Yummy Recipes'
 Basic White Bread from 'Nithu's Kitchen'
 Shortbread Biscuits from 'FoodLovers'
Craisins and White Chocolate Biscotti from 'Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen'
 Chocolate Loves Vanilla Bread from 'Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen'

Happy Baking!!
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  1. Lovely round-up..thanks for adding my entry..

  2. I have lots of favorites in this roundup :)

  3. This is a really good roundup/ There are many, I would like to make. What a fantastic idea.

  4. Hi, New here. Came through..A homemaker's diary. This is an excellent round-up. Missed it by a day!! I shall participate next time.


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