Friday, July 30, 2010


Thanks to everyone for participating.
If you want to know how to participate, read this. Next Bake-Off will be on '8/6/2010'. Bake-Off archive can be found here.
In the order of reception, we have:
Spicy Crescent Rolls from 'CreativeSanyukta' 
Stuffed Aloo Paneer Buns from 'Adding Zest to your Cooking'
 Plain White Bread from 'Spicebuds' 
 Milk Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies from 'Apy Cooking!'
  German Oven Pancake from 'Taste of Pearl City'
 Basbousa from 'Faji's Hot Pot'
 Apple Coconut Muffins from 'Faji's Hot Pot'
 Bread Pudding from 'Torviewtoronto'
 Spanish Almond Cake from 'Sangi's World'
 Sprouted Chickpea Bread from 'Taste of Pearl City'
 Lentil-Paprika Tart from 'A Feast to the Eyes and Stomach'
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  1. Thank you, Champa, for another tasty assortment of baked goods - great recipes all around!

  2. All of them look very inviting..Its so nice of you to host something like this Champa...

  3. This is another wonderful roundup. I love all the savory ones.

  4. hi i m gald i m following u..u have got an awesome blog and i cant stop drooling over the pics :)...

    I would be glad if could add me to ur friend list and defintely do leave ur suggestions and ideas on mine too :)..

    i would like toknow is the bak-off event over??? i would like to send in few entries :) plz do let me know

  5. Neetz,
    Thanks for nice words. This bake-off is a weekly event. I take only new entries not from your archive. If you bake something this week, send it to me with the link to my Bake-off announcement page and I'll include it in that week's friday's roundup.

  6. WOW!! Wonderful round-up..Got lots of yummy recipes to try..Stumbled upon your blog event from Ayeesha's Taste of Pearl City..We just sent our entry, hope you received it. Thanks a lot for hosting such a great weekly event, Champa..Will surely try to send you our entries every week..Really glad to follow you...


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