Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another CSN Giveaway for $60!!

I know what you might all be thinking. She just had one giveaway.
I have CSN Stores to thank for this. If you have not already checked them out, you should you know. For one, they have tons of stuff from pots and pans to home improvement/decorating accessories like lighting fixtures.

Not only that, they have cool stuff on sale with free shipping. Do check it out.
Now coming to the giveaway, rules are simple but very different:

I am not going by comments this time. I am making all of you work to get this gift certificate, but fun work.
All you have to do is cook/bake/mix something following one of the recipes posted on this blog. You have time till next Saturday 7/24/2010. On Sunday, I'll post the winner chosen randomly from the entries I get. When you make something using my recipe, blog about it if you are a blogger and send me the link to your post (Make sure you add the original post linked in your post). If you are a non blogger, just send me the link of the recipe you used with a picture. If you made changes, let me know that too. My email is

Out of these entries, I'll pick one winner. Remember that CSN stores ship only to U.S and Canada. If you don't live in either of the two countries, you can still participate provided you have someone to receive the gift certificate.

What are you waiting for? don't you like shopping? Go browse my recipe index and chose the recipe you want to give a try.

If you are muttering 'It was so easy to just leave a comment', think about this, lesser entries, more is your chance to win. And I do believe this is more fun that following someone to just enter into a giveaway.

Good luck everyone!! Pin It


  1. Wow! another lovely giveaway..I'm in:-)

  2. u r inspiring me to first time prepare a dish from someones blog..and for which i m excited to most of the times i just pop into others blog and leave a comment thts it and get busy with my personal chores...count me in..wil surely try one of ur creative dishes....lovely giveaway again,...wonderful

  3. That is great....!!
    I made your Hawaiian cobbler the other day... darn, I should have taken some photos ;). It came out great :D
    Will make something else and send you the photo.
    Thank you for the Giveaway :)

  4. Champa, that is really great. I would love to try something from your blog. I just tried something last week, so one more this week. Yippeeee !!!

  5. Well said Champa..I would love to bake those yumm breads from your blog. Even if I don't participate in this giveaway I will definitely post it sometimes.

  6. Cool Champa!! Will surely participate. There are so many recipes of your I have bookmarked:-))

  7. thats a nice idea ! ...would love to take part... by the way, what is the limit of the no. of entries ;) there are plenty of urs i had bookmarked !

  8. posted one of ur awesome recipes ..and wil send it across to u check as u get time...

  9. Hi Champa, That's really a nice way to giveaway, i already tried a recipe from your blog and posted, still i want to try some of your baking recipes:-)

  10. Hi Champa,just tried and posted one of ur recipes.lovely giveaway ...

  11. Hi Champa..Count me in! I have already chosen one of your bread recipe to try! I will make tomorrow and post before 24th! :)

  12. Hi Champa,

    If I have to cook something from your recipe's going to be bread....posted challah bread today.....have a look at your convenience....


  13. Hi Champa

    I just sent you email. I tried your potato buns and they came out awesome! Thanks for the recipe.

    I have blogged about this. Count this entry for both bake off and giveaway event.

  14. Hi Champa, another entry for CSN giveaway(nice motivation for me to bake more bread)....posted plain white bread....thanks for the recipe....


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