Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mango Milk Shake Using Mango Pulp

Have you ever wondered why people blog?

Why do you blog? Is it because you are passionate about writing?

Or is it because you love to share your ideas with others?

Whatever it is, I feel this is just another hobby for me.

Why do you blog? Has it occurred to you that you might get consumed in this world and this might become an obsession? I have wondered about that fact

Do you think you can tell me and the world why you blog with complete honesty? Come on, why do you go to the trouble of making something, then trying to take pretty picture of it and sit and type the whole thing up. On the top of it, don't you wait for someone to comment on your work? If yes, you should leave a comment.

If you are a non blogger, tell me what you appreciate the most about blogs? Not just mine, but all the blogs out there. Let them know you are reading what they write.

This is not a recipe. I am just writing it down so that I can just measure and mix without worrying about the taste. Just like my lemonade formula.


  • 1 Can Kesar or Alphonso sweetened condensed mango pulp - 30 Oz
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/4 - 1/2 cup sugar
  • Cardamom powder (optional)
Combine all the ingredients and stir till sugar is dissolved. Serve chilled with ice cubes if desired.

Use yogurt in place of milk to make Mango Lassi.

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  1. Wow the Mango Shake looks very yummy.

  2. the question is really good..blogging -sharing to everyone..
    abput the milk shake really simple and delicious..nice picture
    one question.where did u find this mango pulp..

  3. Before I tell you why I blog, I saw the previous comment. I am surprised that Prani doesn't know where a mango pulp can be bought. Maybe she lives in an interior state where there isn't a store.

    Why do I blog?
    1.Mainly to escape from everyday grind..break-free from the bonds of reality
    2.Get appreciation from strangers, heartfelt or faked cause its much better than receiving NONE at home.
    3.To make new friends..

    I have wondered just like you..about hobby turning to obsession..that is why I am limiting the frequency to 3-4 per week so I can focus on other getting back into the job loop etc etc.

    Mango Juice looks awesome.Try it with ice cubes..Its even better.

  4. Dear Champa,
    That sure is a wonderful question which keeps bugging me all the time.To answer your question----
    I started blogging because I wanted to do something different from the routine.After marriage I seldom got a chance to get out and work.I was always home taking care of family.I needed to get out of the routine and do something,
    though this was nothing different from everyday cooking that I do as CoolLassie mentioned I used to feel good when all my friends used to like my cooking and I thought blogging might be a way to keep myself busy in a different way.Sometime for myself.I would sure love to go out and work once my second child starts school.

    Comments sure make my day because some unknown stranger takes the patience to visit my blog and express their feelings,sometimes even if they are fake they you don't see them so it's fine.Why think bad,think they are being nice to us.

    I should say all the blogs I follow, I never fail to leave good comments whole-heartedly.I really feel that their hard work should be appreciated.

    Mango shake sure looks delicious.

  5. Hey Champa.. what a meditative post. It would be easier to answer if we knew what is on your mind..

    I feel most people blog just to reach out and connect, feel good. That's my reason.

    Before I was just a non-blogging reader. Blogs are informative. I also used recipes from some blogs. Others I loved to just read the posts.. not just recipes. But I did not have an anonymous ID to leave comments. So I rarely left comments. Now I log-in so I can comment!

    You have a very nice blog here.. but I don't bake too often. Will be back every now and then! See you around! Cheers! :)

  6. Mango shake looks delicious. I blog because I love to share my recipes. I also love to cook from others blog. Unfortunately I am not a good baker but love baked goodies.

  7. Blogging keeps me busy also helps to makes new friends, my another hobby as u said..

    Milkshake with canned one looks fabulous..

  8. I started blogging to share recipes from the cuisine I follow. Blogging has definitely helped to learn more about other cuisine and make some good friends.

    I don't usually comment just for the sake of commenting. I am checking myself not to turn this hobby into an obsession.

    Beautiful presentation.

  9. I got into blogging spree because I had tons of free time sitting at home. I thought this medium will help me to hone my cooking and writing skills. Later when I started working again, I thought I should slowly take it to the next level and started learning photography. Today I have a self managed domain and I am happy about what I have learned more than what I have accomplished.

  10. I feel very happy when people say they like your dish..Yeah, I love to write and blogging gives me some sense of satisfaction..I don't think I'm obsessed about it but just love doing it;-)

    The mango shake looks too good and I could see that nowadays your pictures are just rocking as your recipes:-)

  11. Thats really a nice post..About the questions you have asked... I love blogging because it makes me feel that I am doing something different from the regular routine.. Now, that cooking has become an integral part of my life.. i want it to be more interesting! I like when people leave comments on my blog.. I am humbled by the appreciation.. and tell me who doesn't like who doesn what to hear a praise even its just for the sake..
    Its a fun thing for me not an obsession till now..
    My blog is my online recipe book..I have made friend and learnt new dishes..
    Mango is by far my fav fruit.. I can devour it in any form... Tempting drink!!


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