Friday, June 11, 2010

CSN Stores giveaway - A gift certificate for $60 !!

In my recent post, I had said I would be announcing a giveaway soon. Here it is. CSN Stores which is a collection of over 200 stores who sell kitchen stuff to lighting, furniture has kindly offered to giveaway $60 gift certificate to one of my readers. How cool is that?

Coming to the rules of this giveaway:
From now, June 11th to June 19th, leave a comment to this post telling me one dish you would like to see on this blog. Of course, that dish has to be vegetarian. You can add in what you like the best about this blog, any tips for improvements etc. It is up to you entirely.

No, you don't have to become my follower to qualify for this giveaway.

And no, you don't have to subscribe to my reader list either.

And no, you don't have to follow me on facebook either.

When you do leave a comment, make sure you use your email address so that I can contact you. If you don't want to use the email address, you can check back on 20th to see if you won and if you did, you can send me an email instead.

This $60 gift certificate does not cover shipping costs. So, you'll have to pick an item that has free shipping. On 20th of June, I'll select one person randomly and that person will be the lucky winner. You'll get the gift certificate code in email with instructions as to how to use it.

Remember, CSN stores ship only in U.S and Canada. So, if you don't live in either of the countries you can still participate in this giveaway and in case you win, you can use it to get something for someone who lives here.

Disclaimer: I am not getting compensated in any way from CSN Stores for this giveaway.

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  1. Champa, I would love you to prepare Chocolate Tuxedo Truffle Cake. Check this link for more info or you can even google it. This is my hands down favorite recipe and I can finish any amount of this in one sitting:)

    And, hmm... what I like about this blog. Everything about baking that I can learn. You are an amazing baker and my inspiration for baking for sure, you are kind of my guru in that. Need I say more :)

  2. Dear Champa,

    Love everything about this blog.Love all your baked goodies.After I started blogging and came across your blog never forget to come here.You are a great inspiration for baking.I still need to start baking bresd.I hope to do it soon.Love the way you explain about baking.

    Would love to see you make Eggless Treleches Cake.

  3. Dear Champa,u have a wonderful space already...simple and cute...
    just some suggestions.if u wish 2..totally ur choice..
    .u specialize in if u add some bake pics background/logo of urs or from the cakes/fruits/tools for baking/creams..simple but eyecatchy....sumthing creative tht wil attract more followers....i liked ur bloganme though versatilekitchen...
    u r one of a kind baker...very creative perfectionist .love tht..
    i would love if u make the traditional version of the italian heavenly dessert...TIRAMISU..i made it several times...loved it..but substituted mascarpone with cream cheese...and the ladysfingers with spongecake..
    heres the info-
    all the best and love to b a follower of the awesome baker CHAMPA...

  4. dear,i would love if u make a regular whole wheat eggless bread recipe...wht brand of w.w. u use for ur recipes..does the regular chapati flour works..

  5. I would love to see something made with pumpkin.

  6. I'd love to see a lot of bread recipes on your blog as you are such a wonderful baker!!

    I love your cake decorating course basics and I'm all set to buy the equipment and try my hand on it now. Will get back to you if I have any doubts :) Happy Blogging till then!

  7. Love all u'r baking recipes..Very useful for an amateur baker like me..Recently Ive been addicted to Winchell's Raisin Roll..Wud like to make my own raisin rolls..So pls post the recipe for it..

  8. A new kind of oatmeal raisin cookie! I'm bored with my old one!

  9. Hey dear,
    What your blog needs is 1.a Chiffon Cake! Any flavor would be good but Mango would be best. Many people shy away from making chiffon cake since its very difficult. Since you are an accomplished baker, I think it would be a breeze for you.
    2. An authentic Australian Pavlova, now that is a challenge.

    I can be reached at

  10. Carrot cake.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  11. Sometimes, when I think of baking, your blog must be the one in the list to check. You have such a great space here. I would like to see more recipes based on whole wheat flour.
    You can reach me at

  12. The perfect sponge(just eggs, flour and sugar) Champa?? The fool proof beginners bread?? You have a fantastic blog, adore your bakes, and the name you blog with "Bangalore Baker'. Your blog is a baking class room, keep baking and sharing with us!!

  13. It is hard to improve on something so great! I love any desserts with fruit so that is always on my wish list:)

  14. HI Champa, love your blog for it's baking receipes & really liked the posts on baking basics, quite helpful.....needless to say like all your receipes but absolutely love anything related to baking posted here, even if it's a picture of one of your decorated coming to the dish...ummmm...If U can try your hands on "Eggless Genoise"'s a thin sponge cake used for rolled cakes like jelly roll etc. I'm sure U must be knowing it already..... and u can reach me at

  15. Ooh, a giveaway-- how can I resist?
    And for that recipe: I want to see your grandmom's adhirasams, the ones you mentioned in your comment on my post.:) I'd love an authentic recipe, since I never had a chance to learn how to make it from my mom-in-law, before she passed.

  16. Hi,you have a wonderful blog.Im newbie to baking,would love to come here for baking ideas.would love to see eggless tiramisu.

  17. Love your baking skills champa so definately a cake for me but I would if you could make a Chocolate Truffle Cake with chocolate ganache frosting!!

  18. What a useful giveaway!! Thanks :)

    I think seeing a cheesecake, any kind of cheesecake, recipe would be lovely!

    acidcambodia at gmail dot com

  19. Nice giveaway Champa. Love the name 'Bangalore Baker' that you blog with. I am so in love with the goodies we get in Bangalore bakeries. Would love to see more of those items from you. Like the buns stuffed with sweet coconut filling(i forget what exactly they are called) and the dilpasand(puff pastry stuffed with coconut and tutti fruti).

    One of my biggest suggestions to you for your blog would be to please watermark your photos. You have beautiful pictures in your blog, and being a fellow blogger I know how much effort and thought those pictures take. There are so many reports of plagiarism going on..I just started doing it, so if you need help, please let me know.

  20. Hi Champa...
    U have an awesome blog here.. What i like the most is that you are so dedicated in posting so regularly. Inspite of all the busy schedule you have, you never miss posting recipes... Keep it up! And i just drool over all your recipes... especially the baking ones....

    Well, comin to what i want you to post, I'd like you to make some blackforest or pineapple pastry (like the ones we find in Sweetchariots here) Not the regular cake, but a juicy version...

  21. hello Champa
    *thank you for the giveaway
    *I would like to request you to post an egg less version of fruit cake.
    *just more pics of your creations to make the page look more appetizing.
    thank you

  22. We are not vegetarian, but we eat vegetarian a few times a week, and when we do, it is usually at a local Thali restaurant. We happen to love Butter Chicken. Is there a vegetarian recipe that works with the butter sauce? That would be a wonderful recipe to learn.

  23. Hi there r doing a gr8 job...for the recipe, I would love to see basic whole wheat sandwich bread recipe since you do have a gr8 talent for baking! thanx for the giveaway!

  24. Praj_Kesavan sent this in email since there was an issue to leave a comment.


    Can you please put more oats and quinoa recipes - indian snacks

  25. Lovely giveaway..although your blog is full of baking, I love your Karnataka special recipes like akki roti, gojju varieties and now you could have guessed what I'm gonna ask you..I want one karnataka buttermilk based curry..I tasted this in one of my friends house long back..think it tasted similar to kadhi..sorry, I forgot the name! as far the improvement part of your blog, If you don't mistake I would suggest you to change your blog template:-)


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