Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Can you name this tree ? - We have a winner!!

This tree is in my backyard. At first we thought it is a weed and tried to pull it out. But looking at beautiful flowers, we let it stay and last year, it started growing berries.

Can you guess what they are?

Now for the full tree picture..

Sorry, I have no prize for guessing.. I hope you have fun guessing...

My first thought about this tree is the same. Blackberries. But, they are not. It is a Mulberry tree. I got the doubt and checked on the internet for pictures. Blackberry is a bush, not a tree and they have thorns in them. This can grow up to 60 feet. The person who guessed it correct is 'Chris' and he sent an email rather than leaving a comment. Thank you Chris.

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  1. The little berries look like blackberries.If it is they taste wonderful when ripe.

  2. They are blackberries! I have a box of them in the house. Some are fully black and some have red spots.

  3. Am totally agree with CL, they ressembles like blackberries..

  4. my guess was same as everyone else's, but wow, mulberry, never had or saw them before.

  5. Hey, when did u posted this....it's shahtoot(indian name for mulberry)....don't know about other parts of india but we in delhi grew up eating this wonderful fruit...i guess it's the tastiest berries u could have....as a child we use to climb up on our neighbours tree & enjoy it....sad they had this tree cut down now....I wish more than ever I was your neighbour right now....u lucky girl...

  6. We had this mulberry tree in our house.When i was a kid ate it like anything.My grandfather likes to grow plants.But now every tree is gone,bcoz he is no more to maintain it.


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