Saturday, June 5, 2010

Announcing Tried and Tasted Event!!

Here is a little different event on my blog. First one not to concentrate on baking, so those who are not into baking, start cooking and send me the entries.

Blog that has been chosen for this month's 'Tried and Tasted' event is Divya's Dilse. Congratulations Divya for being chosen as 'Blog of the month'.
Divya has tons of recipes on her blog. Check it out I am sure you'll be impressed with her work.

The rules are simple:
  1. Cook any vegetarian recipe(s) from Blog of the month and post about it. Stay as true to the original recipe(s) as possible. Therefore, there is no need for re-posting it, simply link to the original post :-)
  2. There is no time-frame for the original recipe. It can be as old as my grand-mother or as fresh as a mung bean sprout.
  3. Have you cooked from Blog of the month before? As this event is all about tasting and reflecting on the taste, older posts are also welcome. Simply link to this post and mention T&T event.
  4. Link your post to HERE  and to the original post i.e to the post in Zlamushka's blog who started this - Please always link to both sites, so both blogs are given credit and you are avoiding copyright fuss.
  5. Send me an e-mail at with your name, your post URL as well as the original URL and a picture (300px by height, please).
  6. Deadline is the 5th of July and the round up will be posted within a week.
  7. Non-bloggers are more than welcome to participate (after all, our posts are mainly being written for them). Simply e-mail me  with your experience of what you cooked and please include a picture.
  8. The round up will be posted during the first week in next month.
  9. Using the logo below is optional but highly appreciated. Thanks to Ksenia of for creating the logo.
    So, start cooking everyone from Divya's blog. Please make sure you chose a vegetarian dish since this blog is vegetarian. If a recipe has eggs and you want to try that, it is absolutely acceptable.

    Hoping to get many entries for this event.

    Happy Cooking!! Pin It


    1. Nice event will send in my entries.

    2. Thanks for choosing me Champa. loking forward to what everyone cooks from my blog :)

    3. Love divya's blog, will send my entries soon..

    4. I love Divya's blog, so will surely participate !!!


    If you have a question and you leave it as a comment, I'll surely answer the question to the best of my knowledge. Thanks for visiting.