Thursday, May 6, 2010

'Cake-Mix Doctor' Book giveaway results

Last week, when I mentioned I have couple of copies to give away, I had asked people to request for the book in the comment. I am closing that offer and telling you who all gets the book. There were very few people leaving a comment and fewer asking for the book.

Since I have enough copies to give away all of them who asked for the book, here are the winners.
Cool Lassie
Priya Mitharwal
Divya Vikram
Send me your address to my email at If you send the email by tomorrow, I'll ship them on Saturday. Else, you'll have to wait since I'll be away on a business trip the entire next week.

Sorry to those who live outside U.S as I cannot justify shipping them.

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  1. Dear,
    Thanks so much. I have never won anything via blog so far. This is the first one and it shall be cherished and remembered. Thanks a bunch!I am sending you my address like right now!

  2. Wow nice give away.I missed it.

  3. wow..congrats to the winners....lucky girls..:-)

  4. Congrats to the winners:)..

  5. yipppppppppeeeeeeeeee !!! I won !!! Thanks Champa. I will email you my address :)

  6. Hey dear,
    About the Sekerpare, well badusha has ridges all over. Taste wise, yes I guess it does taste like a cross between Badusha and Gulab Jamun.

  7. WOW! first time ever I'm winning anything thru blog...& what could be better than cookbook that too on baking....thanks a lot dear.....I'm emailing u my address....& congrats to other winners also....

  8. Congrats to all the winners:)

  9. Just checked this post! Thanks for the book :) So excited to get it. Will email you my address.


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