Sunday, January 31, 2010

Citrus Salad

I have started eating Grapefruit almost everyday. I read somewhere long time back that it helps increase metabolism. I usually segment and slice one big grapefruit and I and my husband share it. No one else likes to eat them at home. After a week or so, we got bored with the plain fruit and I started slicing them into discs and sprinkling some salt and rasam powder (saarina pudi) on the top and eating. It is delicious that way. We are eating like that nowadays and today, I wanted to make a salad out of it. I sliced them into discs and separated into the segments. I leave the innermost skin on since that attributes to lots of fiber. I then proceeded to make this healthy delicious citrus salad..

Grapefruit - 1 skinned, sliced and separated into segments (You could use canned to save some time)
Clementine or Tangerine - 1`skinned and segmented and cut into half
Sweetened dried Cranberries - handful (optional but balances the sourness very well)
Romaine lettuce - Chopped finely about 5 leaves.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1 TBSP
Rasam powder - 1 tsp or to taste
Salt - to taste

In a bowl, toss all the fruits, lettuce. In another small bowl, whisk together olive oil, rasam powder, salt with a fork. Pour it on the fruit mixture and toss well to combine. Check for the seasoning and adjust if necessary. Since the main component is citrus, you don't need vinegar or lime juice, but if you like the tangy stuff, go ahead and add some to the dressing before mixing with the fruit. You could add some toasted nuts too if you like nuts. I liked this salad a lot. It is light, refreshing and fills up the stomach too.

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  1. Interesting and a very healthy salad dear.

  2. A very refreshing salad, healthy and nutritious also.

  3. Very innovative and healthly salad....
    Looks tempting

  4. Great salad/..jsut what I need..but sadly I dont think we get grapefruit here in Goa,,

  5. Great salad/..jsut what I need..but sadly I dont think we get grapefruit here in Goa,,

  6. Nice flavored and delicious salad...

  7. Tangy and refreshing citrus salad..

  8. A vrey refreshing and nutritious Salad!


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