Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yam and apple kofta and curry

I don't watch lot of TV, but how much ever I watch, 50% of the time it is food network. Last night I was changing the channels and there was Rachel Ray making some sausage patties. She had onion and a granny smith apple which she mixed with sausage or whatever meat and she made patties and shallow fried them on the griddle. That gave me an idea of making a different kofta which is not really rich. So, here is my version similar to malai kofta but does not have any malai in it.

Making Koftas:
  1. Yam - 2 medium sized ones - steam cooked and peeled and mashed.
  2. Granny smith apple - 1 medium size, cored and chopped finely.
  3. Red onion - 3/4 of a big chopped finely.
  4. Salt - to taste
  5. Red chilli powder - to taste (I used about 1/2 tsp)
  6. Cumin coriander powder - 1/2 tsp
  7. Garlic - 1 pod minced.
  8. Oil - 1 TBSP
  9. Corn starch - 2 - 3 TBSP.
  10. More oil for shallow frying.

Heat oil in a pan. When hot, add garlic, fry for couple of seconds and then add onions. Sprinkle some salt. Let it cook. Now add the chopped apples and cook for 3 - 4 minutes stirring occasionally. Add more salt if needed, chilli powder, cumin coriander powder. Mix well and turn off the heat. When they come to room temperature, mix it with mashed yam, add corn starch and mix again. This will be a little thinner than the traditional kofta since yams are watery compared to potatoes and here there is no paneer added.

At first, I was thinking of making patties myself since I wanted to avoid deep frying. When I was pulling the skillet, right next to it was my paniyaram pan / appe pan / paddu pan or gundu pongal pan. So I decided to try with that. Heat the paniyaram pan and add a little oil in each cavity / kuli. Make small balls out of the mixture and place it in the pan. After a couple of minutes, check the bottom and if they are nice and brown, turn them around. When the other side is also brown, take it out and let it cool down.

These actually were sweet even after adding the chilli powder. So, next time I probably will add more chilli powder or use potatoes along with yams.

Making the Gravy:
  1. Onion - 1 big chopped
  2. Garlic - 2 pods chopped 
  3. Tomato puree - 1 - 1/2 cups
  4. salt - to taste
  5. chilli powder - to taste (I used 3/4 tsp)
  6. Coriander cumin powder - 11/2 tsp
  7. Oil - 2 TBSP
  8. Cashews - 1/4 cup
  9. Cilanthro - chopped about 3 TBSP
  10. Turmeric - a pinch
Heat oil in a pan. When hot, add garlic, saute for 30 seconds or so and add onions. Add turmeric, salt and stir. When they are half way done, add cashews. When the onions are done, turn off the heat and let it cool down a bit. Place these in a blender and puree them. Return the puree to the pan. Add tomato puree (I used canned one here, but you could make your own). Add about a cup of water and turn the heat on. Now is the time to add chilli powder, coriander cumin powder. Adjust the taste. When they start simmering, add cilanthro and stir. Finally add the koftas gently and cover and simmer for 2 - 3 minutes and turn off. Serve hot with roti, naan, kulcha.

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  1. great idea...and thus a great recipe.good one, looks delicious

  2. Great comb dear....Sounds different and creamy.............

  3. Great idea, i usually Indianise the recipes I see elsewhere and also created an event showcasing Global cuisine the Indian way.

  4. Omg, u always come with unique dishes, love this combination..delicious kofta curry..


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