Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Glazed Sugar Cookie

My older daughter who is in preschool gets to be what they call 'Bus Driver' once a month. She waits for the whole month for her turn to pick a book from the collection she has at home, take it to school and read it the whole class. Since other kids of her age can't really read, she feels proud that she can read the book (She can't actually read every word, but memorizes the story and she can read some). The main reason why she waits for her turn is the 'snack'. Whoever is the 'Bus Driver' has to bring in a snack that kinds of relates to the story.She loves it because she gets lots of 'Thank you' from all the kids and teachers. Luckily for her, other kids in class do not bring personalized snacks to school. For example, last year, she had taken a book of Winnie the Pooh where honey is the only edible thing that comes. I made some 'Honey Buns' for the class. Last month before I started being active on the blog she took a book 'Three Little Pigs and big bad wolf' where cookies come in. I had tried to mimic the cookie to look exactly like the picture in the book. This time, she chose a book 'Pooh goes fishing' where there is no eating involved.

So, I made some sugar cookies in the shape of fish and glazed them. Here are some pictures. I didn't have time to make Royal icing and pipe which I am better at than painting the sticky glaze. See one cookie looking different, I didn't like how it turned out so didn't make it for the rest. But, I had to use that one too to send since I needed certain number of cookies.

I used the recipe from Allrecipes.com. For the cookies, I used this recipe. For the glaze, I used this recipe. I actually halved the cookie recipe and rolled them 1/4 inch thick. Since I was worried about them getting brown around the edges and undone in the middle, I baked them at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 14 minutes.
Cookies bagged to go to school..

And an individual cookie picture..

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  1. They look so cute... perfect snack for kids.

  2. Cute cookies.. I am sure all kids must be excited to see these cute fishes :)

  3. Cute cookies looks prefect for kids..

  4. Swapna, thanks for the comments. Yes, they were all excited and that's what makes my kid very proud. Priya, thanks. I guess it is good for the kids since all it had was butter and sugar mainly.

  5. OH!, that looks so cute!, well done

  6. Hi,

    lovely cookies looking so cute and fishy!!!
    Innovative and i am sure ur kid wd have been super thrilled!



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