Friday, April 23, 2010

Bake - Off (4/23/2010)!!

We have some interesting recipes this week. Some very pretty ones too. Thanks everyone for sending in the entries.
This round-up is from 4/16/2010 - 4/22/2010

 Cakes, Cupcakes
'Avocado Quinoa Cakes' from 'Samayal Arai'
'Madeira Cake' from 'Asankhana'
'Easy Cupcakes' from 'Asankhana'
'Mini Cupcakes' from 'Asankhana'
'Cream cheese marbled chocolate cake' from 'Stories from an Indian Kitchen'

Quickbreads, Muffins

Cookies, bars, Scones
'Blueberry Scones' from 'The Veggie Hut'

Yeast breads, buns
'Quinoa & Flax Seeds Bread' from 'Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes'
'Scottish Baps' from 'Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes'
'Pav Buns' from 'Stories from an Indian Kitchen'
'Tomato Scallion Bread' from 'Stories from an Indian Kitchen'

Flat breads, pizza
'Pizza' from 'Spice Buds'

Miscellaneous Baked Goodies
'Savory Semolina Cake' from 'The Veggie Hut'

'Baked Oats crusted Broccoli patties' from 'Priya's Easy N Tasty Recipes'
'Maple Granola' from 'Stories from an Indian Kitchen'

If I have left anyone's, please let me know and I apologize in advance. If any link is faulty, let me know that too. Thank you so much for the continuing support and I hope to keep seeing more and more from you and others.

Next Bake-Off roundup will be on 4/30/2010.
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  1. Hey dear,
    I sent a couple of entries yesterday - Eggplant Timbale and Criss-Cross Cottage Pie.
    Check your mail and let me know please.

  2. very innovative and gorgeous entries!!

  3. woow!!!great bake off round up....all are looks perfect...

  4. Looks beautiful...I hope next time I could participate too :)

  5. thanks a lot for adding my entries..

  6. Lovely round-up Champa !!! I always wait for these.

  7. Wonderful roundup - all look so tempting!!

  8. Fantastic roundup, so many lovely bakes here :-)


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